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Why adaptability and fluidity are vital in today's context

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2021

 Never has it been so obvious that we are living in two complete realities in the current world situation. 

One group, which is the majority of the people on earth -- they are living life as if nothing has happened. They got their vaccines, and they have their "freedom" as they go about dining, shopping, and travelling. 

The second group, the minority who are vaccine free, have their movements completely curtailed, they are restricted from dining out, going into malls, in some...

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Are you addicted to running away from pain?

The madness, the division, the hate, the ignorant, the misinformation, the addiction to cyber reality, the disconnect, the lure of the fake, the drugs that numb -- these are all removing us, step by step away from our humanity, our human-ness. 

It is better to be messy with all the emotions and deep pain than to be removed from them in delusionary and illusionary ways because without our human emotions and our human connection, this will lead us further away from our soul and our...

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When Deceit, Betrayal & Lack of Ethics are Normalised

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2021

I feel, for the most part, all of us strive to be good people. I do not believe that anyone would purposely set out to be a bad person. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm naive to believe this.

But I do believe that when situations and circumstances are set up in such a way that pressurises someone, and if their moral compass doesn't work very well, then there is a high chance that they will cave. 

They cave in by giving themselves excuses that what they do is right, and they have legit...

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I invite to you join us collectively to be a Force For Good Intentions

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2021

Dear friend,

I would like to extend an invitation to you: to join us as a collective Force For Good in an upcoming zoom meeting. 

We sense and see a lot of evil happening in the world right now. I usually do not use the word evil to describe things, but there is so much that is happening in the world right now, that I can only describe it as evil. 

Because of this, a collective Force For Good would help us to feel more united and together as we move through one of the most...

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Self Honesty and the role it plays in our physical health

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2021

Most people do not see the connection between our self-honesty and the role it plays in our physical well being. 

If I have to make a guess, I presume most people know by now that our physical health is not just a physical thing. Besides what we already know -- good diet, exercise, etc, our mental and emotional and spiritual well being hold fundamental keys to our physical health. 

One of the biggest blocks for most people towards better well being is the lack of self-honesty....

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Are you so loyal to your suffering that your healing doesn't stand a chance?

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2021

Ok, so let's take a look at this: how we will do all kinds of things just to make sure we stay loyal to our suffering. 

On the conscious level, we know we need to heal and move on, no doubt about it. On the unconscious level, we do things to make sure we stay loyal to the suffering. 

Why and how?  Let's start with the why:

  • We stick to the story because it makes us feel comfortable and safe compared to what is unknown
  • We repeat things mindlessly because we feel it takes...
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Importance Of Tuning Into Right Timing

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2021

One of the biggest causes of burnout for most people is trying to push things to happen because they feel or they think they need to. Because the world that we live in teaches us that we have control over when things should happen and that we can make things happen at a whim.

But the truth is, nothing happens in our timing, just because we say so. 

Right timing and learning to tune into our inner clocks for things to happen is such a vital life skill that most people have not...

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Affirmation / Prayers for the biggest internal war of our lifetime

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2021

The war I'm referring to is about the internal war within ourselves.

The chaos we see happening is the shadow side of human consciousness coming up to the surface, it has to be brought to the light in order for it to be resolved, heal and bring us back into greater balance. 

On so many different levels, this is not personal. It is the collective. It is 100s of generations of shadow consciousness that we have collectively stuffed down deep within our psyche.

Now the world is shaken, and...

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What is happening when you think you do not have a choice?

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2021

Whenever we hit a roadblock and think that we do not have a choice, about anything in life, what is actually happening? 

It is life telling us that we have not looked at all the resources available to us. What are resources? They are our:

  • knowledge
  • abilities
  • talents
  • could also be something more tangible like physical items 
  • other people's resource (this means we have to be open to what other people have to offer in guidance, advice, service, product etc)

So why do we feel we do...

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Important time in Human History to think independently and critically

One of the biggest downfalls in our human history has always been humanity's choice to go for the path of least resistance resulting in the lack of independent or critical thinking. And simply going with whatever is told to us.

I know this sounds harsh but perhaps instead of jumping to react to what I just said, ask yourself: why are you even reacting to what I just said (i.e. if you felt a reactionary knee jerk sensation in your stomach) 

What does it mean to think...

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