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Grieving Financial Loss: Emotional Care and Strategies for Recovery

Financial loss can be a significant source of stress and grief, resulting from job loss, unexpected expenses, or broader economic downturns. The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly impacted the middle class and small business owners, causing widespread financial instability.

During these volatile times and periods of cosmic realignment, money can be gained and lost much faster than ever before. This blog article explores how to cope with the emotional and practical aspects of financial loss,...

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Staying Steady: Mastering Your Response to Anger Around You

Growing up in a household where the sound of a raised voice wasn't out of the ordinary might have taught you some complex lessons about anger. Perhaps you learned to identify the subtle signs that an outburst was imminent, or maybe you became an expert at navigating the emotional minefields that littered your home. As a result, you might find yourself unusually attuned to the anger of others now that you're an adult.

But here's the thing: that hyper-awareness can sometimes leave you feeling...

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