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Soul Blueprint & Profiling Session

In our journey towards self-discovery and a deeper understanding of our spiritual essence, it's pivotal to find practices that resonate with our individual paths. This is the heart of my work with Soul Blueprint and Profiling, a personalized service designed to uncover the unique energetic blueprint that shapes your existence. What Is Soul BluePrint & Profiling?

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The Profound Importance of Differentiating Inner Child Needs and Adult Self Needs

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Inner Parenting: The Art Of Fulfilling Your Own Emotional Needs

The Art Of Inner Parenting 

Inner Child & Shadow Work Part 1

Inner Child & Shadow Work Part 2

Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused when we are living to please others - Paulo Coelho

Private Sessions

Energy/Tarot Reading, Shadow Work Therapy, Spiritual Coaching

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Channeled Ray Reading

Understanding your ray energies from your Soul self. So that you may understand your purpose on earrth


What is a Gene Key Profile Session

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Shamala Tan

| Spiritual Thug Life Coach | Gene Key Profile Reading | Therapist | Helping you to disrupt the patterns of your trauma and lower self; in order to thrive emotionally, mentally, spiritually or financially [shadow & light work]

Hello, I'm Shamala. In this video, I share what it's like to experience and express compassion, and how it compares to being empathetic 


New Zoom Service available for non-physical sessions - Healing & Bio-resonance Therapy, use nature's energies to improve your well being

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Download The Ebook Butterflies Can't See Their Wings

I'm planting a tree via with every download. (During this time, I'm targeting 500 more trees for the planet!) Let's make it count for the earth, please whitelist my email address and check your spam, [email protected] Thank you so much.

"Thank you Shamala. Reading your article has helped me to understand how the lower and higher ego work. It has helped to have more self observation and achieving the inner peace which ultimately is far more important , at the same time to not simply stay away based on avoiding negativity but instead observe action arising out of insight is more effective than action arising out of negativity . Thank you. "

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