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The Delusions In Spiritual Movements Are Unsettling And Here Are Some Red Flags

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2022

I've spoken about this a lot, and I've written about this as well. And it is time for me to flag them up again. 

The delusions in the New Age movement are coming up to the surface, more and more. While the shadow side of human nature is showcased on the world stage, the SHADOW SIDE of the new age/spirituality movement is not excused. In fact, the rampant delusion and illusionary nature of spirituality is filled with so much glamour that people are just falling into the traps without...

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It is ok not to be nice

I notice this about people A LOT: people do things, say things, don't say certain things, or don't do certain things, TO BE NICE. 

While I understand that there is always a time and place to say things or do things BUT to betray self to appear nice to others and to be liked is one of the most TOXIC things to do to SELF.

It is ok not to be nice. We are not obligated in any way to be nice just because:

  • we fear being judged
  • we want others to like us
  • we want to let people think we are a...
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Your consciousness remains stuck at the age when you receive the least amount of love

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2022

The world is filled with children, dressed in adult skin and suits. We think we are all grown up, bright, make important decisions, and even marry and re-produce, but we could be doing all of these, while our consciousness is still at the level of a child. 

What do I mean by consciousness? It means one's psychology and state of awareness, to put it in modern terms, it simply means one's OS (operating system). Most people are unaware that their OS is still immature because when such an OS...

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"Don't allow someone to treat you badly because you love them"

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2022

Don't allow someone to treat you badly, just because you love them.

We all do this because we think we need to "suffer" in the name of love. And this makes it a sacrificial love, a love that is "worth it". Disney did a fine job of screwing us up. It really doesn't matter what kind of love it is, never allow yourself to be abused. 

Oftentimes, it is also easier to blame the "abuser", and when we position ourselves as a victim of the love or relationship, we inevitably set ourselves up. We...

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When is something not meant to be?

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2022

The most common ways in which people make their decisions are based on whether "something is meant to be" or not, is usually from whether they feel good about something or whether there is resistance. 

But this could be one of the biggest mistakes people make regarding decision-making. 

Feeling a resistance does not necessarily mean that it is not meant to be. Because the resistance could come from so many factors:

  • resistance to change, fear of change
  • resistance to more...
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"There is something deeply hypocritical about praying for a problem you are unwilling to resolve."

Mental health is at an all-time low as a collective in the world. 

For spiritual people, I have found this to be the most troubling: our spiritual practice/tradition/culture has given us space to bypass mental health needs with spiritual quick fixes (either by praying your problems away or meditating them away). And if we are honest with ourselves, they don't go away no matter how much we pray or meditate about it. 

Then what is it that we really need to do: Face them, of...

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The Troubling Woke Culture

Uncategorized May 30, 2022

While I applaud any awakening and/or waking up process, where people individually or collectively, awaken to see the truth or a reality that they never saw before, I am deeply troubled by the woke culture or trend. They claim to be awakened or awake, and they are so aware, but it seems as if it is all very self-centred or self-focused. 

Being offended and then cancelling someone out is not being awakened, it is bullying, except for the strangest of reasons, it is trendy and...

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The Poison Of Resentment

Resentment is basically poison that we feed ourselves overtime to kill ourselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually and eventually physically. We think that it is other people's fault when we are resentful towards them, we feel that they are the cause of our resentment, and we want them to change. 

The deep anger, frustration, and sense of being helpless when it comes to one's relationship with another create such toxic vibes that they linger for a long time.

Every time there is...

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Are you a people pleaser?

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2022

Being a people pleaser for most happens on an unconscious level, and we do it sometimes due to "survival". However, this can lead to lots of toxic situations and is not necessarily healthy, especially if we are unaware. 

On the path of personal development, the key to growth is always self-awareness. But I would like to point out that being aware and actually doing the healing are two different things. Some may be aware and think they are healed, but they are not quite the same thing....

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