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Why Healthy Relationships Are So Complex for Wounded People

The Universal Touch of Trauma

Trauma is something that many of us face in life. It can be a small letdown or a big shock. The bigger the hurt, the tougher it can be to get close to others. This is extra hard for people who have deep emotional scars because they might find it hard to trust and open up to others.

The Struggle for Connection Amidst Trauma

When bad things happen, they can mess with our heads and hearts. This makes it tough to build strong and healthy friendships or relationships....

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Why Some People Use Gaslighting: A Look at Low EQ

Have you ever felt like someone made you doubt your own feelings? This is called gaslighting. It's when someone tries to change how you see your own experiences. Let's dive into why some people do this and how it's linked to something called EQ.

What is Gaslighting
Gaslighting is like a magic trick. But instead of a fun surprise, it makes you question your own feelings. Imagine telling a friend you're sad, and they laugh it off or change the topic. That's gaslighting. They're trying to make...

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Understanding Completeness and Incompleteness in Relationships

In the world of relationships, a common dance between partners is the interplay of completeness and incompleteness. This dynamic, while common, can bring forth vulnerabilities and growth opportunities. The saying, “the most agonising thing for people who do not feel complete within themselves is to be in relationships with people who feel complete,” echoes this sentiment. Let's explore this intricate dance.

Navigating Personal Incompleteness

Individuals grappling with personal...

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Emotional Intelligence: The Unsung Hero of Healthy Relationships

In every relationship, there's a silent factor that plays a pivotal role in its health and growth: Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This ability to tune into, understand, and manage our emotions and those of others can deeply influence the quality of our relationships. So, when one partner struggles with EQ, it can introduce unique challenges. Let's delve deeper into this intricate relationship between EQ and our well-being.

The Facets of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Think of emotional intelligence...

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