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Self belief & our inner child

Yesterday I conducted a poll on my social media accounts. One question I asked is: Which is more difficult for you: A- saying no to other people or B-Believing in yourself. Majority of the respondents on Instagram chose: Believing in yourself.
Self-belief is one of the biggest hurdles we all need to cross. And when this part of the mental construct of our self is not complete, we will keep feeling handicapped.
So let's go back to basics.
For most of us...
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What do you do to avoid truth?

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020

What do you do to avoid truth?

We all do this. We do things, say things to avoid the truth.

Sometimes the truth is too much that we unconsciously block them, or avoid them, or we just don’t want to see them because the truth is not acceptable by our peers, by society or by our family.

We dishonour ourselves and our inner truths to please the world, which leaves us hollow and unhappy.

Have you experienced this? I am sure all of us have, at one time or another.

Sometimes, acknowledging...

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Work THROUGH your feelings/thoughts, not away from them

A client asked me recently if we should just ignore feelings and thoughts of the past when we are trying to move on and learn our lessons in life? This is what I told her: 

No, of course, we do not ignore them. They surfaced for a reason and we must pay attention to how our emotions, our energies and our physical and subtle bodies respond to different situations and circumstance in life. 

Our body systems have intelligence, and by ignoring them, we are missing out on a whole lot of...

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You never had control, all you had was anxiety

I came across this quote (by Elizabeth Gilbert) on socials yesterday:

You are afraid of surrender because you don't want to lose control. But you never had control; all you had was anxiety.

Isn't this just too true?

Whenever we face a challenge in our lives, whether it is work, our health, relationships or just life in general, we feel like it is so hard to surrender to what IS. And what is really in store for us, and we want to plan everything, we want to control everything. Because we...

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The more we heal, the more choices we have

Most of us do not realise how liberating it is to heal. 

I'm not talking just about healing our physical being, healing must take place in our emotional/mental selves, and spiritual selves as well. The reason why most of us do not see the importance of healing our other mental, emotional and spiritual being is because we do not see how limited we really are without healing. 

When we are physically injured or when we are ill, we are so aware that our movements are limited. Our...

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The Missing People Choir

I watched an audition by the Missing People Choir in Britain's Got Talent 2017, it was heartbreaking. 

The choir is made up of people who are missing a loved one. The missing people are mostly their children, and some missing since the 80s. Can you imagine having to live through that, not knowing?

Yet, they found strength together, singing as a choir, and they used the talent show as a platform to send a message out to the world, hoping to get some leads to find their missing...

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What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

I love this quote for its simple truth, for its simplicity, and for its depth.

I remember I posted this quote some time back, and someone said: but this is not true, I have been seeking and searching but I do not get what I sought for, what I always get is not what I want.

Want. And seek.

Two very different meanings.

In my understanding, "want" usually comes from the ego-self.

So, in this Rumi quote, the YOU, is not an any old you. It is not the ego you,...

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Nature is speaking to you, are you listening?

Nature has a way of sending us messages and communicating with us if we see them as an extension of ourselves. 

The past week alone I had two encounters with birds. Almost all my life, birds have played a significant role in my life, as messengers, as hint givers. 

Some examples of these would be: from a bird flying into my home at 4 am to sing a song as an affirmative when I asked for a sign the night before about a decision; to flying into a food court where I was seated and then...

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Maybe you're not as special as you think

I get this a LOT:

Whenever I write an article or post something on my social media, I will get some response from, a client, a friend or an acquaintance asking me if I wrote that or posted that because of what they shared with me. Most people are nice about it when they ask, but on several occasions, people have lashed out at me (even people who call themselves spiritual teachers!)

The thing is WE ALL want to think our problems are unique and they make us special. But reality check here: we...

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Are you willing to look at your own darkness?

One of the most challenging things to do is to look at our own darkness, without flinching, without reacting, without blaming, without shame, without embarrassment. This is a tough one for everyone, even for people already on the path of personal development, let alone people who are new to personal growth.

Often people ask me how do I read people. Do I look at their energies first? Or do I read their minds? Or do I look at their aura first?

The first thing I see/sense is usually energy. It...

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