Shamala Tan

Spiritual Coach, Gene Keys Guide & Wellness Facilitator

Hello! I'm Shamala Tan, often referred to by my clients as the Spiritual Thug Coach. My mission is to align individuals with their body, mind, and soul, ultimately guiding them towards more purposeful lives. I am deeply passionate about psychology and spirituality, and I am a budding writer eager to share more of my insights with the world. Despite my spiritual leanings, I'm known for my candid, no-nonsense approach, earning me the title of a #spiritualgangster among my clients and friends.

If you're seeking transformative coaching that will genuinely propel you forward, you're in the right place. Whether your goals are related to your career, family, self-relationship, or spiritual beliefs, I'm here to provide the kickass coaching you need to achieve them.

My Journey

Before becoming an intuitive coach, I struggled with alcohol dependency. My journey towards recovery and self-discovery is detailed in my chapter in the book "Pebbles In The Pond" (2012 Edition), where I share my story alongside other contributors, including New York Best Sellers like Robert G Allen, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford, and many others.

I'm also a proud single mother to a bright and brilliant 18-year-old. We enjoy stimulating each other's creativity and sharing laughter, and I eagerly anticipate the adult she will become.

Business Coaching Experience

For two years, I served as a business coach for small businesses, particularly those in the Holistic Health field. My website, Be Spiritual And Rich, was a platform for this endeavor. I've been privileged to work with incredibly talented and gifted practitioners, and helping them grow their businesses has been an honor.

The Joy of Coaching

Coaching is my passion and my joy. I thrive on the openness of my clients to learning and exploration. There's a synergistic quality to the sessions that excites me, and I take immense pride in seeing my clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Their success stories on social media are a testament to the transformative power of coaching.

Advocacy for Young Living Essential Oils

As a mother, I've experienced the healing power of Young Living's essential oils firsthand. I firmly believe in their products' ability to promote health and wellness. My daughter and I have been so successful with Young Living oils that she has never needed antibiotics in her life! In 2012, I decided to fully incorporate Young Living and its range of products into my practice, a decision I've never regretted.

Other Achievements

  • Gave birth to my daughter without painkillers and drugs, enduring 3 days of labor
  • Completed a full marathon (42km) and several half marathons (21km) and 10km races
  • Overcame addictive habits such as smoking and drinking

Join me on this journey of alignment, growth, and transformation. Let's live more purposeful lives together.