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Psychic Debts. What Are They? Do We All Have them?

What is Psychic Debt?

To put it simply, it is a process where you feel you owe someone or someone owes you something which you cannot exactly measure. This is the most common in friendships and romantic relationships, where one person seems to have contributed more to the connection. Usually, the one who perceives himself/herself as contributing more would feel like the other owes them. Or sometimes, depending on the mindset of a person, they may feel like they do not deserve what has been...

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"Designed to win, programmed to fail"

Have you heard of this saying: Designed to win, programmed to fail? This quote is talking about us, humans.

If we believe that we have a soul, or spirit, or inner energy, whatever you want to call it, you will believe that we have been designed to win. Why else would we go into our inner sanctuary and do self-talk, or pray in an outer sanctuary if we do not believe this to be true? Think about it -- whenever we feel out of sorts, or things are not working out, or if we feel deep sadness,...

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