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Why adaptability and fluidity are vital in today's context

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2021

 Never has it been so obvious that we are living in two complete realities in the current world situation. 

One group, which is the majority of the people on earth -- they are living life as if nothing has happened. They got their vaccines, and they have their "freedom" as they go about dining, shopping, and travelling. 

The second group, the minority who are vaccine free, have their movements completely curtailed, they are restricted from dining out, going into malls, in some places they are not allowed to leave their country or go back to their own countries, and some are also restricted and confined in specific areas in their town/city. These curtailing are mostly supported by the majority, even though this restriction has no science supporting it. The mass media news has propagated the masses of people to go against those who are vaccine free. 

It seems as if there are two camps of people. And the mindset of most, from either side, is: you are either with me or against me. 

This stark contrast and divide has caused a lot of pain and suffering and has divided families and loved ones. 

How can we make this better? Is it really: you are with me, or against me? If we are tempted to fall into either camp, with a very black and white view on things, then we have allowed the psychological war to win. The whole idea of this war is to cause division amongst us, the people. 

I, personally, see things from both camps. And to me, there is no clear division as each person has made a medical decision based on their own needs and wants. 

But the oppression from the masses is real. People who consider me their friend pass snide remarks and put me down for making a different medical choice. They, even jokingly, think it is funny to do so, even though as a vaccine free person, I face oppression daily from society and the government, and to have friends do that to me too, makes me think twice about who are really my friends. 

While I see and understand where they are coming from, and I have compassion for them, I see clearly they do not know what I am experiencing in my life on a daily basis. Nor do I need them to understand. But as a society, I feel there is a greater need for compassion. 

This division in our society only shows us how handicapped people actually are in their ability to be compassionate, despite them proclaiming to be religious and God-fearing people. It makes me wonder if their God only shows compassion and love only to people of their own faith. 

So how do I navigate through all of this? A friend asked me recently via text: if I am severely inconvenienced by the measures so far. I told him not at all actually, I'm not a mall person. 

This is the reality I am in: I feel the oppression for sure, it is a tangible emotion and energy, and I feel for people who are vaccine free who need to enter these malls and office buildings for work. I carry this burden of oppression daily. For me, the feeling of having my choices taken away from me is oppressive. But whether I really need the mall, no, I don't need malls, I am happy to be outdoors where the air is fresh and the beauty around is plenty. 

Adaptability and fluidity are really needed in today's society. How do we interact with each other, even though we have made different life choices? I allow myself to live in two realities. I have friends who are vaccinated, and I enjoy their company, and we talk about things we like and enjoy, but there is also a lot that I do not share. Especially my in-depth views about the vaccination exercise and what it all means, I do not think it is necessary to share these with them, because I do not think I need to burden them with it unless of course, they ask. Information is always freely available, and I believe that if people want to know, they will make a point to find out.  

With other friends who are vaccine free, we have specific conversations about the situation and what is happening in the world today, and the impact this has on human consciousness and so on, and so we go into in-depth discussions on what it means for us, and for society and what we can do about it. 

I know of vaccine free people who are very adamant that they will not be friends with people who are vaccinated. And I also know of vaccinated people who will not think twice about firing people who are vaccine free. If we are to live harmoniously moving forward, we cannot divide ourselves into two camps and cut people off because of their medical status. If we do this, where is the line? Do we stop being friends with alcoholics, smokers, HIV positive individuals, etc? Then we have surely entered an illogical reality. 

Whatever your medical stand is in this situation, returning back to your human-ness, and your humane side is what will save us eventually, as a race of people on this planet. Divide and conquer has always been the strategy used in any war, are we allowing this current war we are facing to win? Because there will be no winners in this war on the human race. 


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