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The Split

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2022

Before I begin sharing: I want to say that for some of you -- this article is not going to make any sense, for others, it will mean a lot. If you know, you would know.

The world is splitting into many realities and moving into multidimensional shifts. And the two most obvious splits would be the divide between the awakened and the un-awakened. 

What this means is that it is now time for those who are awakened to continue on their journey and work on how they can rebuild a new life with this awakened sense of reality and who they are. There is no turning back, and there is no saving the others, we have reached the point of no return. However, if you still decide to go back to sleep, carry on, but return back only with true peace in your heart.

The unawakened will continue life as if nothing has happened, save for two years of the pandemic, and that life continues on the same.

For the awakened, not only is life drastically different, how you see and view the world has changed drastically, what was up is down, and what was down is now up. What you thought was the truth is no longer. You realise that there are veils upon veils of veils. You may lift one veil, only to see that there is another one beneath it, and so you keep unveiling without knowing when it will end. 

And so begins the new journey. 

I want to also explain that being spiritual does not mean that one is awakened. Let's not confuse the two terms. Many spiritual and religious peeps are still asleep because the mass blanket is too cosy, warm and lulling. 

This spilt is literally a split in consciousness while living in the same physical space. And the great divide realistically is not something that can be healed in this lifetime. 

Here are some tips for the awakened ones, to make life a much easier transition:

  • Mourn the loss of relationships, friendships, and ties. While you may remain as friends or have social contact, your realities will not meet. Honour what was, as such a mourning time is necessary. But what is more important is to honour your own journey forward.
  • You may experience heightened compassion, and may not know what to do with it, channel the energies to a cause that you support.
  • You may sound crazy to others, learn to navigate through the two "realities" so to speak. Being able to navigate through the two may be necessary as part of your survival skills. (This used to be something that spiritual people do vs non-spiritual people, but this spilt is a much more tangible spilt because you will feel it in your beingness - this sense of separateness. But understand on the soul level, we will always be One) 
  • You will be judged for your "extremist" views, know that this is part of it all. Because it is uncomfortable, unknown, and mind-boggling for others, they will label them as extremists. 
  • Because others don't know how much you actually know, they will think you have not read enough, studied enough and may accuse you of being limited in your knowledge, because they themselves are well-read in mass information. Do not try to defend your position, because truth does not need any defence. If one can not see the truth, you can't argue with a blind man to tell him what they cannot see. 
  • Be prepared to be unseen, unheard and this may disturb your sense of worthiness, and self-esteem. Look for your tribe, your tribe will see and hear you. Do not waste your energy trying to be seen and heard by people who are not for you. 

22.02.2022 is significant. If you're sensitive and awakened, you will sense this more than ever. Remain rooted, open your solar plexus for the transmutation, and keep your heart aligned with love and compassion. Be prepared for one heaven of a ride!


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