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The Lower Ego's Resistance To Cutting Losses

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2022

I saw a quote today that says: It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them they have been fooled.

This works in exactly the same way in our inner dialogue, in our inner world. Our minds are so complex that they can easily fool us into believing something, for eg. If we believe that person X is a nice person, we will only see how nice the person is, even if the person is being abusive to us. A part of us is afraid to admit that we have been abused, and we remain there allowing abuse to take place.

Why does the lower ego resist saving ourselves? We would think that it is instinctive that we would know to stay away from danger?

However, one of the most powerful things that motivate the lower ego, is not to look foolish. I know, this sounds, um….foolish?

But this is what the ego does. It resists any cutting of losses and will press on because of pride, and the avoidance of looking like a fool. The thing is, the more one presses one, the more foolish one will begin to look.

So what can we do about it?

Some questions here we can use in our inner dialogue, that can help to empower us, cut our losses and move on.

  • What and who am I really protecting if I remain where I am: my pride, my ego, my mistake, my family, someone else's pride, my social circle, my job, the government?
  • Will my protection of (whatever your answer from above) serve me in the short term? And what about the long term?
  • If it serves me in the short term, am I willing to live with the long term repercussions?
  • If it serves me in the long term, what do I need to give up now?
  • If you realise that nothing above serves you in the short or long term, what can you do now to cut your losses?

There are of course no right or wrong answers to the above. The only thing you truly need to work with is self-honesty, humility and humbleness and being willing to be the fool.

The fool is the first card in the major arcana in the tarot deck, and it is also the first personality archetype in Jungian Psychology. It signifies the beginning, it signifies the willingness to take the risk to let go of what doesn't serve to look like a fool to begin one's new journey.

I wish you every blessing as you begin your journey with The Fool.


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