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The Troubling Woke Culture

Uncategorized May 30, 2022

While I applaud any awakening and/or waking up process, where people individually or collectively, awaken to see the truth or a reality that they never saw before, I am deeply troubled by the woke culture or trend. They claim to be awakened or awake, and they are so aware, but it seems as if it is all very self-centred or self-focused. 

Being offended and then cancelling someone out is not being awakened, it is bullying, except for the strangest of reasons, it is trendy and acceptable by people online and offline. Maybe I am not so trendy, so I don't get this. To me, bullying is bullying, no matter how trendy.

Weren't we all taught to see bullying for what it is? Since when did it become acceptable?

The thing that makes me even more concerned is how easily one abdicates one's responsibility for their own actions or the situation they have created for themselves.

This trend is a virus, the woke generation may be heading towards a spiral that is out of control in their own humanity. 

Here's an example: 

Conversation with someone from the "woke generation"

Me: Whatever happened, and I am aware of what you did, it is ok. It is past now. My main focus is your safety and health always. 

Woke gen: Why are you making me feel bad? 

Me: (thinking to myself: WTF) How am I making you feel bad? 

Woke gen: You make it seem like I am such a terrible person *starts crying* Why are you bullying me?

Me: (thinking to myself: what fantasy world am I in right now?) You can't erase what you did like it never happened. But like I said, it is over. It is past. My main concern is your safety. Let's move past

But woke gen still remains in the fantasy world of feeling bullied. My words and actions of care, concern and love are not felt or heard. 

Is this how our woke generation has become?

This experience is not even unique. Scroll through the social media apps, and you see how the mindset of the woke gen operates. They are trendy, with the in-crowd, but psychologically they are damaged by the woke virus. 

Of course, what I share above is simply a small part of the woke culture. But truly the woke generation needs to wake up. The woke-ness is simply a fantasy and a psychological bypass. 

I found this quote which says it all:

You have to learn the difference between someone disrespecting you vs you feeling disrespected. 

Emotional ears hear from a place of offence. Sometimes it's not what they said, it's what you are triggered by.

And unless you know your triggers, you'll see everything as an attack. 

This quote of course is applicable to every one of us, not just to the woke generation. For us, as a species to thrive, without ending up killing ourselves (I'm actually half-serious and half-joking, because people are physically hurting each other just because they are triggered!) we need to take personal responsibility for our feelings/emotions and learn to manage our emotions without constantly blaming others for how we feel.

What the pandemic has shown us is that while we may have advanced in terms of technology, we have definitely back-slide psychologically and spiritually as a species.

It is time to get back on track. 

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©2022 Shamala Tan

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