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From Struggle to Serenity: Transforming Negative Feelings into Positive Energies

Uncovering the Roots of Your Negative Emotions and Learning to Embrace Love, Joy, and Peace

I wanted to talk to you today about negative emotions and feelings and how they can impact our lives.

It's common for people to think that it's okay to indulge in negative emotions and feelings, and there's this popular new age phrase to "go with the flow". But I think this phrase can be misleading. What flow is this? It could be a negative flow if someone is in a negative state of mind, or it could...

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We Cannot Pray In Love & Live In Hate

Have you ever known someone who goes to church every Sunday, but still treats others with cruelty and disrespect? Or, maybe you've heard of someone who meditates daily but struggles with self-love and low self-esteem.

This is because loving energy and religious/spiritual practice do not always align.

We often associate prayer with religious institutions or acts of worship, but it can also be defined as an attempt to connect with a higher power or achieve a life goal. This includes...

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The Poison Of Resentment

Resentment is basically poison that we feed ourselves overtime to kill ourselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually and eventually physically. We think that it is other people's fault when we are resentful towards them, we feel that they are the cause of our resentment, and we want them to change. 

The deep anger, frustration, and sense of being helpless when it comes to one's relationship with another create such toxic vibes that they linger for a long time.

Every time there is...

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