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Unmasking Your Inner Saboteur: Conquering Spiritual Excuses and Embracing Success

Many spiritual seekers often use spiritual excuses to avoid taking action towards their goals or facing their shadow selves. These excuses can be so convincing that they prevent us from realizing our true potential and living the life we desire.

We will examine some common spiritual excuses and the underlying realities behind them so that we can recognize and confront our shadow selves and move towards a more fulfilling life. So, let's dive in and explore.

We may know that there is certain...

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Uncovering Trauma Responses: The Path to Spiritual Progress

How to Face Your Trauma Responses with Love and Courage

Most people are not aware of the trauma that they are carrying within, and more often than not, people brush them off as something they experienced, and they think it is normal. While it is common, it does not mean that it is healthy.

Trauma can be a heavy burden that we carry with us, often long after the actual event has passed. It can affect us in ways that we may not even be aware of, hindering our spiritual progress and preventing...

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We Cannot Pray In Love & Live In Hate

Have you ever known someone who goes to church every Sunday, but still treats others with cruelty and disrespect? Or, maybe you've heard of someone who meditates daily but struggles with self-love and low self-esteem.

This is because loving energy and religious/spiritual practice do not always align.

We often associate prayer with religious institutions or acts of worship, but it can also be defined as an attempt to connect with a higher power or achieve a life goal. This includes...

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Are you saying yes to everyone else, except yourself?

The unconscious agreements we make with the world -- where we agree to say yes to everyone, even at the expense of our own happiness. 

The Yes-es we agree to are not even literal. It is not about us uttering the word, yes, it is our action, taking on more at our own expense because we think we should. 

Here's a checklist that you might find useful:

  • Do you say yes to your loved ones to keep the peace?
  • Do you say yes to more work in your office because you feel...
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Tips on self-awareness while you are stuck at home

In the coming weeks, not only will more of us be given the stay at home order, more cities will be in complete lockdown and quarantine. 

I've received many questions from people about this -- asking for a spiritual or higher reason to why this is happening. Whether there is a spiritual reason or not, is not as important as the reality that we are all asked to stay at home and to keep a distance from one another. 

Keeping a distance gives us all some space. 

Have we been so...

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The Truth Is Hard To Swallow

Most People Don't Want The Truth. They Want Constant Reassurance That What They Believe Is The Truth. 

I do not know who the originator of this quote is, but I've seen it around a lot. I do not know what the intent of this quote is either so I will take it at face value -- and that in itself is a powerful statement. And in my experience as an intuitive life coach, it is true. 

Often times people come to me with their issues, problems, blocks and so on, and I would presume that they...

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