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Knowing Yourself vs. Knowing Your Mission: Which Comes First?

Explore the age-old question of whether knowing yourself or knowing your mission comes first and discover the benefits of both paths to self-discovery

Have you ever wondered whether knowing yourself or your life's mission came first? It's an interesting question that can lead to insights into how we approach personal growth and fulfilment.

Some people start by deeply diving into themselves, and exploring their values, passions, and strengths. By understanding who they are, they can better...

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Unmasking Your Inner Saboteur: Conquering Spiritual Excuses and Embracing Success

Many spiritual seekers often use spiritual excuses to avoid taking action towards their goals or facing their shadow selves. These excuses can be so convincing that they prevent us from realizing our true potential and living the life we desire.

We will examine some common spiritual excuses and the underlying realities behind them so that we can recognize and confront our shadow selves and move towards a more fulfilling life. So, let's dive in and explore.

We may know that there is certain...

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Monkeys in the Mirror: A Reflection on Simplicity and Being Human

Did you know that monkeys are superior to us in one way? When a monkey looks in the mirror, all it sees is a monkey. But for us humans, it's not that simple. We often see so much more - judgments, preconceived ideas, and interpretations of what should be. We make things complicated for ourselves and end up causing our own misery.

Life used to be less complicated and the world felt larger. Our grandparents and great-grandparents had an easier time because their world was bigger than...

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Energy follows thought, is this true?

Heard of this saying energy follows thought?

It is with this saying that many people have learned on the path of personal development that they can create the life they want and that if they thought about it more and repeat the thought, the outcome they want will become a reality. 

But is this really true? 

Or is this some misguided information passed down by franchised motivational/personal development institutions as a money generating machine for their own pockets?

There is a...

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Our Insecurities Distort Everything About The World


Everyone suffers from this, at one time (read: teens) of their lives or another. Others struggle with this daily, and for some, never grow out of them.

It is a daily struggle where the mind tortures the personality, fills the mind with all kinds of thoughts, from how they look, how they dress, what people think of them, to one of the worst dark holes: comparison of self with others which can send the personality to spin out of control. 

When it is out...

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Our addiction to suffering

What if all of us were made with a fixed blueprint and that life is not such a mystery? What if each of us came with this map of our blueprint that tells us exactly how we should navigate in this world? What if we knew exactly what are our strengths, weaknesses and exactly how to work with them?

If you had all of this information, how do you think you would operate?

The thing with us humans is that even if we were given all of these, there's a chance that we would veer away from the...

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The Truth Is Hard To Swallow

Most People Don't Want The Truth. They Want Constant Reassurance That What They Believe Is The Truth. 

I do not know who the originator of this quote is, but I've seen it around a lot. I do not know what the intent of this quote is either so I will take it at face value -- and that in itself is a powerful statement. And in my experience as an intuitive life coach, it is true. 

Often times people come to me with their issues, problems, blocks and so on, and I would presume that they...

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When Your Days Are Bleh

Remember the days when you feel just bleh.


Lacking lustre.

And you find it meaningless to do anything because you are not seeing the results you are expecting.

All you want to do is to crawl into bed and sleep the day away, hoping the mood will go away and tomorrow will be better. The thing is, it is not the day that is causing you to feel this way. 

It is you.

Remember these few words, which I tell my clients often: MOVEMENT IS LIFE. When we move — to do...

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When Change Is Painful But Being Stuck Is More Painful

We have all been there. We are so resistant to change because it seems so troublesome. It costs too much. It is too disruptive. It is going to hurt some people. Our lives may even be turned upside down.

Yet we feel so stuck, without the change.

We are more resistant to the change if we feel that we can live with the status quo. We take these measurements in our minds, and we weigh the pros and the cons to the changes, and our hearts tell us that it is ok to let things be.

But we know that the...

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What Decision Will I Make If I Didn't Have Any Fear?

Ever experienced a time in your life, whether it is for a project, a job, a relationship, where you are uncertain about when and if it is the time to let go?

We feel all of these tension within our hearts and our heads. We feel the burden of the indecision, we feel stuck, we feel paralysed even. And the temptation to run away is strong. Yet we know we need to face the music.

I’m certain every one of us have been through this. And we start questioning:

  • Will we regret it if we let go...
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