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The Having & Being Of Human-ness

I love this funny yet wise quote:

Monkeys are superior to men in this - When a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey. ~ Malcolm de Chazal.

Interpret it in whatever way we want. But we can't deny that this quote is saying that a monkey only sees a monkey in the mirror but if we give a man/woman a mirror, he/she would see more than a man/woman.

We have judgments, pre-conceived ideas, interpretations of what if/what is supposed to be and so on. We make things complicated for ourselves...

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Living THE Meaningful Life You Want

Almost everyone I meet wants to live a life of meaning. They feel dissatisfied if there is no meaning to whatever they do, and of course, it is perfectly valid to feel this way. This explains the high turnover rate in some industries, where the staff find it difficult to justify them being there.

There are of course circumstances well beyond the control of individuals where they need the job and the purpose for being there is to feed themselves and their families. And for them, the...

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Do you know that Fear always ensures its survival, what does that mean for you?

This quote says it all: 

Fear is afraid of itself
Which ensures that it never accepts itself
Which ensures that it always survives - Richard Rudd

In our journey of life to transcend fear, one of the biggest mistakes we make is to deny, avoid and run away from fear. 

We have been taught that if we do not think about it, or if we avoid it, it will go away. The thing is, it is not going to go away, not as long as most of humanity and mass consciousness is still run by fear...

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The more we heal, the more choices we have

Most of us do not realise how liberating it is to heal. 

I'm not talking just about healing our physical being, healing must take place in our emotional/mental selves, and spiritual selves as well. The reason why most of us do not see the importance of healing our other mental, emotional and spiritual being is because we do not see how limited we really are without healing. 

When we are physically injured or when we are ill, we are so aware that our movements are limited. Our...

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