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Developing Discernment: Why Blindly Trusting Spiritual Leaders Can Be Problematic

In our quest for spiritual growth and enlightenment, we often seek guidance from spiritual leaders, teachers, and gurus (this includes pastors, priests, nuns, monks, etc). We hold them in high regard, believing they possess profound wisdom to navigate life's complexities. Yet, amidst our admiration, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of understanding the darkness within ourselves. By exploring our motivations and emotional patterns, we can perceive the shadows that also exist in our...

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The Having & Being Of Human-ness

I love this funny yet wise quote:

Monkeys are superior to men in this - When a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey. ~ Malcolm de Chazal.

Interpret it in whatever way we want. But we can't deny that this quote is saying that a monkey only sees a monkey in the mirror but if we give a man/woman a mirror, he/she would see more than a man/woman.

We have judgments, pre-conceived ideas, interpretations of what if/what is supposed to be and so on. We make things complicated for ourselves...

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Are you saying yes to everyone else, except yourself?

The unconscious agreements we make with the world -- where we agree to say yes to everyone, even at the expense of our own happiness. 

The Yes-es we agree to are not even literal. It is not about us uttering the word, yes, it is our action, taking on more at our own expense because we think we should. 

Here's a checklist that you might find useful:

  • Do you say yes to your loved ones to keep the peace?
  • Do you say yes to more work in your office because you feel...
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The Reality Of Loneliness

I posted something on my FB page recently on loneliness, and it has received a relatively high number of responses. 

This is the quote by Carl Jung:

Loneliness does not come from having no people around, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible. 

This is true and I do have to agree up to a certain extent. Let me explain. 

We all go through different levels of growth and maturity,...

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What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

I love this quote for its simple truth, for its simplicity, and for its depth.

I remember I posted this quote some time back, and someone said: but this is not true, I have been seeking and searching but I do not get what I sought for, what I always get is not what I want.

Want. And seek.

Two very different meanings.

In my understanding, "want" usually comes from the ego-self.

So, in this Rumi quote, the YOU, is not an any old you. It is not the ego you,...

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Energy follows thought, is this true?

Heard of this saying energy follows thought?

It is with this saying that many people have learned on the path of personal development that they can create the life they want and that if they thought about it more and repeat the thought, the outcome they want will become a reality. 

But is this really true? 

Or is this some misguided information passed down by franchised motivational/personal development institutions as a money generating machine for their own pockets?

There is a...

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