How do toxic masculinity and femininity impact your spiritual progress?


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Fulfilling One's Life Purpose Is Not Only For Spiritual Reasons

life purpose Nov 04, 2019
Many people talk about the importance of fulfilling one’s life’s purpose from a spiritual slant. We all probably know the spiritual answer to why it is important to fulfil one’s purpose.
In this article, I like to keep the focus on the earthly aspects of why and how not fulfilling your life’s purpose can negatively affect you as a person.
If you look around you, how many people do you know are actually happy doing what they do and finding a greater...
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What Else Does The Lower Ego Get Up To?

You know those times when you feel bad about yourself when you put yourself down, feel shame, feel small, feel inadequate, and you’re comparing yourself with other people on social media? That’s the lower ego at work!

The lower ego wants you to be all of that so that you can never see who you really are because when you become who you really are, you will be more powerful than the lower ego. 

Some of you may say, well if we don’t feel this way about...

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