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The Invisible has more power over us than we realise

We all feel emotions, and we all experience energy. But we cannot see them. They are invisible to us except when we express them through our bodies, we express them through our facial expressions, our demeanour, and our whole being.

We feel emotions in our hearts, we say, yet we know it is not our physical heart. We say we feel butterflies in our tummy, yet we know they are not coming from our physical stomach. We sometimes feel a lump in our throats when our emotions well up and we choke,...

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The Decision Making Process

Making decisions is never easy and the worst thing is we are never taught how to make decisions. No one taught us this life skill as we are growing up. No one in school or at home taught us. We only learn through observation. And most of the time we observe people not knowing how to make a decision!

And one of the most ineffective processes is in the making of a pros and cons list! And this is one of the most popular ways in which people base their decisions on. 

So the most common...

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Your own energy body is your psychic

Thoughts are things. They are not just secret energies we keep in our heads. We create them, and we energise them, we allow them to torture us, or we allow them to nurture us. 

The thing is, we often forget that it is our thoughts that create how we feel, emotionally. We think that our emotions just come up randomly or that other people cause us to feel a certain way. In other words, emotions can be controlled by our thinking. 

As if we are not complicated enough, we have this thing...

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What Decision Will I Make If I Didn't Have Any Fear?

Ever experienced a time in your life, whether it is for a project, a job, a relationship, where you are uncertain about when and if it is the time to let go?

We feel all of these tension within our hearts and our heads. We feel the burden of the indecision, we feel stuck, we feel paralysed even. And the temptation to run away is strong. Yet we know we need to face the music.

I’m certain every one of us have been through this. And we start questioning:

  • Will we regret it if we let go...
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