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When the solution is a simple thing called: Conscious Breathing

Breathing is an essential part of living, but have you ever thought about the stress-relieving benefits of conscious breathing? Many people are not aware of how focusing on their breath can bring clarity to their minds, especially in challenging situations. By taking deep breaths, you can rapidly oxygenate your brain and promote clearer thinking, which can help you find solutions to problems.

When we are stressed, our muscles become tense, making it difficult to take deep breaths. However, if...

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Our addiction to suffering

What if all of us were made with a fixed blueprint and that life is not such a mystery? What if each of us came with this map of our blueprint that tells us exactly how we should navigate in this world? What if we knew exactly what are our strengths, weaknesses and exactly how to work with them?

If you had all of this information, how do you think you would operate?

The thing with us humans is that even if we were given all of these, there's a chance that we would veer away from the...

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