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Monkeys in the Mirror: A Reflection on Simplicity and Being Human

Did you know that monkeys are superior to us in one way? When a monkey looks in the mirror, all it sees is a monkey. But for us humans, it's not that simple. We often see so much more - judgments, preconceived ideas, and interpretations of what should be. We make things complicated for ourselves and end up causing our own misery.

Life used to be less complicated and the world felt larger. Our grandparents and great-grandparents had an easier time because their world was bigger than...

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Your spirit guide doesn't live in your halo, it is in your body

enlightenment unlearning Apr 18, 2021

As adults, in order to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, we have only one job to do: to unlearn the negative ideas, thoughts, behaviours that society has taught us, to unlearn and peel these layers away, to reveal the authentic you.

It is almost like being the pure, innocent self again, without diapers this time. And with the capacity to take care of self, take responsibilities and to do all these with the ability to have civic mindfulness, and selfless acts of courage, love and...

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Pseudo Enlightenment and the Unhealed Teacher/Coach/Healer

One of the most dangerous/amusing things about the path of spirituality, or personal development, is when someone gets a small glimpse of the light (read: wisdom). They are suddenly aware of something, usually about the universe or the world, and they feel as if the world has opened up for them. They get excited as they perceive this light, and they think that others have not perceived this, so they go excitedly telling others about this.

If they are able to contain it, they may allow this...

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