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Obstacles to healing

One of the biggest obstacles to healing is when you're given a cookie-cutter answer or solution to something that is uniquely your experience. Have you ever experienced this?

Now, most of our problems are similar in the sense that there is a baseline in what kinds of thoughts/emotions surface in our experiences. However what makes us unique is how we experience our challenges, problems or trauma. We all carry different understanding, perspectives, and even our family background plays such an...

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The more we heal, the more choices we have

Most of us do not realise how liberating it is to heal. 

I'm not talking just about healing our physical being, healing must take place in our emotional/mental selves, and spiritual selves as well. The reason why most of us do not see the importance of healing our other mental, emotional and spiritual being is because we do not see how limited we really are without healing. 

When we are physically injured or when we are ill, we are so aware that our movements are limited. Our...

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