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When We Attack Others, We Are Showing Our Inadequacies

Ever encountered people whose personality is all about attacking others and being aggressive, even to their loved ones? And it seemed as if all they want to do is to win or be one-up against you, it is a constant imagery competition for their lower ego. 
Or the friend who constantly feels a need to point out your mistakes without you asking them to be your accountability partner. Or worse still, to have the permission of an accountability partner to point out to them their...
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The lower ego makes excuses for things we do not want to face

Ever been bypassed for a promotion, or lost an account to a competitor, or lost someone to a love rival? Yeah? And remember how our minds and emotions come up with the best excuses as to why we didn’t get it?
Sometimes, it is truly because we lost to a worthy opponent and that it was a tight race, and we were both equally good. But most of the time, it is because you were not up to scratch, or not ready, or just do not have what it takes. I know, I’m supposed to be a life...
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The Lower Ego Exploits Fear To Its Advantage

fear lower ego Aug 18, 2019
I missed our Monday Coffee last week as I was down with vertigo. My superpower to experience seasickness without going out to sea was working full time. 
I learned many things about the lower ego while I was down, and how its main job is to try to put us in a permanent state of confusion through fear. 
To cut a very long story short, I’m just going to share the nuggets of insights I gained through my ordeal. 
Whenever things don’t go according...
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What Else Does The Lower Ego Get Up To?

You know those times when you feel bad about yourself when you put yourself down, feel shame, feel small, feel inadequate, and you’re comparing yourself with other people on social media? That’s the lower ego at work!

The lower ego wants you to be all of that so that you can never see who you really are because when you become who you really are, you will be more powerful than the lower ego. 

Some of you may say, well if we don’t feel this way about...

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