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Compassion Is Not Some Motherly Care & Love

In my last blog article, I talked about Compassion as a superpower, so what exactly do I mean?

For most people, when we mention Compassion, they immediately think of the archetypal energies of religious figures such as Mother Mary or Kuan Yin, and usually, compassion is associated with female and mother figures. This can be a problem if as a male, you find that you have not gotten in touch with your own yin energies and so you might tend to see compassion as a form of weakness. Or if you're a...

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Why Must We Suffer - Shamala Tan, Spiritual Coach/Healer

The very first thing we must get right within our own mindsets when we are suffering is that it is not personal. I know, this sounds oxymoronic, because the experience of suffering is really so personal!

We feel so attacked by life, by people, by circumstances and everything around us. 

Why do I say not to take it personally? We suffer to acknowledge several things -- to acknowledge our humane-ness with the rest of the human race, and to develop the ultimate superpower of...

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