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What is a False Positive, and a False Negative

False-negative, and false-positive - this has got to be the most confusing concept for people on the path of personal or spiritual development, and I hope to throw light into this.

The confusion comes in because most people do not yet understand the difference between an observation and a judgment. It is funny when this happens, and even loved ones with their accusations say to me: why is it when you say something it is an observation but when I say something it is a judgment. This is where...

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Psychic Debts. What Are They? Do We All Have them?

What is Psychic Debt?

To put it simply, it is a process where you feel you owe someone or someone owes you something which you cannot exactly measure. This is the most common in friendships and romantic relationships, where one person seems to have contributed more to the connection. Usually, the one who perceives himself/herself as contributing more would feel like the other owes them. Or sometimes, depending on the mindset of a person, they may feel like they do not deserve what has been...

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When Your Days Are Bleh

Remember the days when you feel just bleh.


Lacking lustre.

And you find it meaningless to do anything because you are not seeing the results you are expecting.

All you want to do is to crawl into bed and sleep the day away, hoping the mood will go away and tomorrow will be better. The thing is, it is not the day that is causing you to feel this way. 

It is you.

Remember these few words, which I tell my clients often: MOVEMENT IS LIFE. When we move — to do...

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