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Emotional Maturity, and the challenges from the lack of it

How often have we heard of stories or know of people in our lives who refuse to grow up emotionally?

The thing is there are few immediate clear signs of someone who is emotionally immature until you know them on a deeper level, and the signs become more obvious.

Of course, the immediate clear signs would be those who easily have emotional outbursts, or they lose their temper easily. Sometimes, people think that these are people with strong personalities when in truth they are just emotionally...

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Is Overthinking A Mental Disorder?

Overthinking. Many of us have indulged in this every once in a while. For some of us, more than others.

Overthinking has been known to be associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. And sometimes, we can go on for decades overthinking as a habit, if it has not been brought to our attention that it is actually not good for our health.

We take for granted that it is a normal thing to do. Think, think, think. And to overdo it without restraint, like an...

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The Emotional Imaginary Battle We Have With Others

Ever experienced a time when you felt emotionally small, or emotionally big? I’m sure you have. This may be something that most people experience with certain people only.
There are some who are under the emotional grasp of their parents, who still feel like a child whenever they are with their parents, even though they are grown, adults. Every little thing said to them will trigger a small child feeling, and a need to be obedient or rebellious, submissive or aggressive, I think...
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