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Centering Exercises And Some Wellness Tips

Being unwell not only throws a kink in our schedule, and it can also cause you more anxiety especially if you have a deadline to meet. But being unwell, can also make you surrender and this is an important trait we must develop. 
Learning to surrender is so important for our well-being, not only physically or spiritually, but psychologically as well. I would definitely want to expand more on the topic of surrendering, more on this soon!
I lost my voice completely on...
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Our Defensiveness Is Our Weakness

Ever had a conversation or an argument with someone, and you ended up being defensive in your position? And you feel wronged, misunderstood, judged and you feel you need to right the wrong. Unfortunately, this becomes a weakness.
Strength comes from a silent resolve to stand by what you believe. Strength comes from your integrity in what you believe. Interestingly, by trying to argue your way out of something, it only shows that you lack the resolve to stand by your word/point/belief....
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