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Spiritual boundaries and more, part 2

If you have not read part 1 of this sharing, go HERE

What are spiritual boundaries? This is not what people think. Most people think that if they are practising a certain religion, they cannot pray or think of another 'god' and that spiritual warfare will happen as if the gods are having a war over them. (It's a little egotistical thinking happening here) So they think that to practice spiritual boundaries, they need to disown other religions or even start a war in the name of theirs.


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Our Defensiveness Is Our Weakness

Ever had a conversation or an argument with someone, and you ended up being defensive in your position? And you feel wronged, misunderstood, judged and you feel you need to right the wrong. Unfortunately, this becomes a weakness.
Strength comes from a silent resolve to stand by what you believe. Strength comes from your integrity in what you believe. Interestingly, by trying to argue your way out of something, it only shows that you lack the resolve to stand by your word/point/belief....
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