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Human Whisperer, Part 2

The challenges of communication go deeper than just being an effective communicator. 

Everyone comes with their own load of stuff:

  • unhealed childhood issues, and doesn't even have to be big traumas. They could be unresolved sadness, unresolved anger, not being heard, not being seen etc
  • life experiences (vast or narrow determines a person's world views) If a person is well travelled and well-immersed multi-culturally, well read and has a deep level of self-awareness, how can you...
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It is ok not to be nice

I notice this about people A LOT: people do things, say things, don't say certain things, or don't do certain things, TO BE NICE. 

While I understand that there is always a time and place to say things or do things BUT to betray self to appear nice to others and to be liked is one of the most TOXIC things to do to SELF.

It is ok not to be nice. We are not obligated in any way to be nice just because:

  • we fear being judged
  • we want others to like us
  • we want to let people think we are a...
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Is It Tough To Be In A Relationship While On The Spiritual Path (not the same as religious path)?

I received a really good question from my IG story and it says: Is it hard to be in a relationship as a spiritual teacher and energy healer?

So I would like to answer this question here, but tweak it so it is relatable to everyone, and not just for spiritual teachers or healers.

Well to begin, relationships are challenging in themselves. Especially romantic long term relationships. It is one of the hardest schools to be in when you're on the spiritual path, wanting to grow spiritually. 

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