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Human Whisperer, Part 2

The challenges of communication go deeper than just being an effective communicator. 

Everyone comes with their own load of stuff:

  • unhealed childhood issues, and doesn't even have to be big traumas. They could be unresolved sadness, unresolved anger, not being heard, not being seen etc
  • life experiences (vast or narrow determines a person's world views) If a person is well travelled and well-immersed multi-culturally, well read and has a deep level of self-awareness, how can you...
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You cannot be right and love at the same time

I came across this quote this morning from Simon Sinek: Bad leaders care about who's right. Good leaders care about what's right.

People who care about being right can never be good leaders. Caring about what's right, however, keeps us open to the possibilities of solutions and what can work for the greater good.

I remember years ago living in a small neighbourhood near the Portsdown area here in Singapore, a group of us neighbours became good buddies, lunching together and doing things...

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