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May you live like the lotus at ease in muddy water

It is going to be weeks and for some of us months before we are out of this lockdown. Some of us are enjoying it, while others are feeling frustrated, bitter, angry, depressed. One of the key triggers is the unknown -- not knowing when this will all end. The feeling that things are out of our hands. 

Even for those who are enjoying themselves at the beginning of the lockdown, gaming, Netflixing, and so on, it will get to a point of saturation. This is the innate human "mechanism",...

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The virus is like our negative thoughts, infiltrating every aspect of our lives

I found this quote the other day:

Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive - unknown

And this is exactly where we are as a planet. This level of madness is where we are detached from it, yet involved in it. We are part of it. Yet, somehow we are onlookers and voyeurs, tracking the numbers, seeing how many more are being infected. And it is a reality we are all dealing with, worldwide. 

I'm not going to spill the same rhetoric as many other articles out there where I tell...

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Mindfulness – Is It The Same For Everyone?

As people already on the path of some sort of holistic health journey, do we yet know what is mindfulness. I think many of you reading this has tried meditation at least once in your life. And for many of you, meditation is a practice you are on daily.

For seasoned meditators, mindfulness is about one’s state of mind. For the spiritually ambitious (I know it’s odd to be spiritually ambitious, but it is a thing), mindfulness is a practice that you may take to help you to gain some...

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When Your Days Are Blah

Remember the days when you feel just blah. 


Lacking lustre.

And you find it meaningless to do anything because you are not seeing the results you are expecting.

All you want to do is to crawl into bed and sleep the day away, hoping the mood will go away and tomorrow will be better. The thing is, it is not the day that is causing you to feel this way. 

It is you.

Remember these few words, which I tell my clients often: MOVEMENT IS LIFE. When we move...

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