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Compassion Is Not Some Motherly Care & Love

In my last blog article, I talked about Compassion as a superpower, so what exactly do I mean?

For most people, when we mention Compassion, they immediately think of the archetypal energies of religious figures such as Mother Mary or Kuan Yin, and usually, compassion is associated with female and mother figures. This can be a problem if as a male, you find that you have not gotten in touch with your own yin energies and so you might tend to see compassion as a form of weakness. Or if you're a woman, and you think that showing too much yin makes you even more vulnerable. Of course, I am generalising here. 

Well, compassion cannot be understood from our usual lens of understanding, if we do, then our understanding of it becomes far too limited and maybe even handicap us in our growth and development.

If we look at its meaning from a higher sense, it is an ability to exercise one's divinity in the human form because Compassion is not just able being nice, it is about power, inner strength and pure understanding. Let me explain. 

In the pop-culture of spirituality according to Instagram, the idea of being an empath is very appealing. Many people label themselves as being an empath, and rightly so. However, being an empath doesn't mean you remain a victim, the next step is to become an empowered empath and then eventually become a compassionate being. This is because compassion is on a much higher frequency than being empathetic. 

How does one get access to this energy of Compassion? One must earn it. Yes, you have to earn it, because you will not be able to live, breathe, eat, think, feel compassion if you have not seen your own shadow. Your shadow self, the parts of self you're refusing to look at, or can't see (blindspots), or don't want to see limits your range of access.

So vibrationally if you are seeing the world through your unacknowledged shadow lens, even if compassion stands right in front of you, you will not be able to recognise it. 

Compassion is a superpower. If you have access to compassion and embrace it from the very core of your being, how you speak, behave, feel can seem very confusing to some, and yet very magnetic to others. 

How is it confusing to some?

Your compassionate light that shines from your heart has the ability to cast a shadow on those who cannot recognise the light, and what the light does in return is to highlight the shadow within themselves. So these people may fight you, demonise you, but in truth, they are fighting their own shadow. Using this superpower of compassion means that you remain steady in strength despite how others may be attacking you. 

Depending on situations, sometimes, five people can ask you the same question and you may give five different answers. To the untrained mind and heart, this may look like you're not consistent. But what you're doing is to give others the answers they need, not what they want. You give them what they need so that they may crack open their closed minds, or closed hearts, in the given situations. 

What you have done in essence is that in all your love and compassion for them, you give them what they need. Giving others what they need can only come from a compassionate selfless position with no personal agenda. As you can imagine, this is extremely challenging to do, and this is why one needs to earn this ability to express true compassion.

Knowing what others need can only come from deep love and understanding, and only when one who has been to the depths and drowned in their shadow and emerged victoriously is capable of this. Deep love is universal love, a love that has transcended the limitations of human love. 

Then how does compassion magnetise others?

Compassion when coming from the core of one's being emanates outwards like waves from one's aura. And if your heart is filled with compassion, you naturally have a healing aura. Those who unconsciously need healing feel drawn to you, and being in your presence brings them peace. 

Can you see now how this superpower is truly about service? But I caution you, not to jump ahead to want to serve in this capacity without first going into the depths of your shadow. Because like a tree, if your roots are not deep, you will fall over.

Take one patient step at a time from empathy to empowered empathy and then ultimately to compassion. 



©2021 Shamala Tan

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Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur and healer. Her work focuses on transforming the lives of others on the spiritual, emotional, mental and earthly level.

One of her success stories as an author is to being featured alongside New York’s bestsellers Sonia Choquette, Robert Allen, Arielle Ford, Marci Shimoff as well as Christine Kloser in the book Pebbles In The Pond.

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