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Are you addicted to running away from pain?

The madness, the division, the hate, the ignorant, the misinformation, the addiction to cyber reality, the disconnect, the lure of the fake, the drugs that numb -- these are all removing us, step by step away from our humanity, our human-ness. 

It is better to be messy with all the emotions and deep pain than to be removed from them in delusionary and illusionary ways because without our human emotions and our human connection, this will lead us further away from our soul and our spirit. 

When we are in pain, we also have the potential to heal and to allow the power of our soul/spiritual selves to fuel and feed us the universal energies of LOVE. 

But when we numb ourselves to our pain, we find that we are simply not capable of accessing the pure energies of LOVE. We do everything in life to try to find that love, via porn, addictions, other people, people outside of our committed relationships and so on. But we are not able to feel or find that through all of these, simply because we have cut ourselves off through numbing. 

We, indeed need to feel through our pain in order to heal. And this is what makes us human. Any attempt to deviate from this will lead us to drive the pain further into our being through physical dis-ease and pain so that we can feel through THAT pain in order to heal. Do you see? 

With the state of the planet right now, many people are just by default going into numbing mode: alcohol, food, entertainment, and even spiritual activities to try to not feel the emotions (this is known as spiritual bypassing).

Our commitment as human beings requires us to be committed to the human experience, without which, we are just mindless people living in body sacks that are just consuming anything and everything all day long. Ever watched one of those dystopia cartoons or movies where the human is just a blob of flesh, sitting in front of the screen consuming all day long? We are not far from that. 

But we can put a stop to the addiction of running away from our human experiences by committing to what makes us human. 

Truly. It is creeping up on us, at first slowly, and it is building momentum, and it is going to move very quickly in the coming months if we do not awaken to the idea that we may be disconnecting from our humanity.

When our leaders unflinching tell us that we will be segregated, locked up, or have our rights taken away from us if we do not do as we are told -- we see the beginning of the loss of humanity in them. From the top, this will trickle down to us, where we no longer see the need to be kind, empathise or be compassionate to one another. 

So do not run from your pain, stand still and be connected with the earth and re-claim your human-ness. Feel through, feel your human-ness, be human. 

Our humanity is truly our saving grace. 


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Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur and healer. Her work focuses on transforming the lives of others on the spiritual, emotional, mental and earthly levels.

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