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"Designed to win, programmed to fail"

Have you heard of this saying: Designed to win, programmed to fail? This quote is talking about us, humans.

If we believe that we have a soul, or spirit, or inner energy, whatever you want to call it, you will believe that we have been designed to win. Why else would we go into our inner sanctuary and do self-talk, or pray in an outer sanctuary if we do not believe this to be true? Think about it -- whenever we feel out of sorts, or things are not working out, or if we feel deep sadness, all of us automatically retreat into a private space to think, contemplate and hope to recover. We may even seek out professionals who also guide us into a private space to talk things through, to have the space to contain our sadness, grief, disappointments. We know instinctively that in our private spaces, we will find what we are looking for. We retreat into a space of our origins.

This space of our origins may be different for everyone. But we have been designed to win, and that is where we go to refuel, recharge when needed. It is not something that anyone taught us, we just know this to be true.

So we take this idea to things we use as well such as our phones, cars etc, when things are not going well, or if they are lacking in energy, we take them to their charging stations and basically we leave them alone for a while to do what is needed to be done. We designed our things to win as well.

HOWEVER, what is not working to our advantage is that we are also easily programmed to lose/fail. Yes yes, I know that even with failure, we can retreat back into our original design space to get better. But wouldn't life be a lot easier if we just fill ourselves with better programming?

Just like our mobile phones, if we just download any badly made app, or worse still get an app that is programmed to steal our information and then it goes viral, we know that it is hard to repair our phones. It can be done and the worst-case scenario is that we reset everything back to factory settings. 

Well, we can choose to go back to factory settings if we have been infected with viruses such as bad habits, negative thoughts, negative behaviour, but we are not programmed to reset as quickly as our phones. The reset could take years for some. And for some reset could mean a complete annihilation! (which obviously is bad news)

So what can we do? 

I know you have probably read this a million times why it is important to program yourselves right, and why every year, motivational gurus say the same things over and over again. Well, the reason is very simple. Even though we hear or read these words, our bad programming seems to be the default mode. We just fall back onto those programmings because changing our programming seems like such hard work. Negative programmings somehow appeal to the dark parts of our emotional sides. So we keep falling into the same trap over and over again. So if I tell you to choose your foods more wisely — eat more wholesome foods, the tempting images from sweet cakes, junk burgers and so on just comes up because they appeal to a dark and empty part of your emotional needs. 

What if we could use this to our advantage? Use our ability to program ourselves, appeal to our dark empty emotional shell and look forward to more positive successes in life. Yup it can be done. 

To get you started: here are THREE things you need to do right now to change this around. Remember these are only starting points to get you started, it is not the complete method. 

  1. Work with a calendar to manage your life, tasks, appointments and so on. In other words, live by your calendar.
  2. Rant. Keep a journal, voice/video record your rants. Daily. And do all of these privately. 
  3. Make a list of things you want to see success in for 2019. This could be 3 things or 50 things. 

Repeat 1 and 2 daily for THREE weeks, if you can do this and maintain this for THREE weeks, you will see a BIG difference in yourself and in your life. Please do not change anything in the above, do not try to short cut it, or change anything in the three things above. 

Accountability is key as well, find an accountability partner to do this if you can’t do this alone. Or look for a coach to do these with you. Drop me an email for a virtual coffee if you need to discuss this with me.  Have a fabulous start to the year! 


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