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Do not negotiate your peace of mind with others

mindfulness mindset Nov 09, 2020

No matter who that someone is, if they steal your peace of mind, you need to set up boundaries. 

Do not allow other people's bad moods to steal your good mood. How they wish to brood or be moody should not determine how you want to experience yours. 

If you experience peace within your heart and someone tells you that you're not caring enough, because they are not experiencing peace and they want you to empathise by losing your peace, then you know that this is a toxic...

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The Season of Renewal

We have just entered a season of renewal. What does this mean?

It means that the past few months have been good at helping us to re-evaluate our lives, our priorities, our interests and so on. If you're still at the stage of re-evaluation, it is perfectly fine too, because this season of renewal is going to be with us for the next few months. Have you been feeling it?

The process of renewal is gradual, it is not as if we will hit a button and everything changes, we are spiritual beings...

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How Adaptable Are You?

I meet lots of people in the personal development circle on a regular basis, and most have the idea that to grow, they need to have the knowledge, they need to learn, and so they go for workshops after workshops only to realise that after spending lots of money being a workshop junkie, they are still the same. 

What is missing?

If you are a person who believes in personal development, and you want to grow as a person emotionally, mentally and spiritually, one of the most important...

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