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Our Herd Mentality Can Make Us Do Dumb Things

Animals follow their herd instinct mostly for survival and to keep each other safe.

Unfortunately for us humans, when we go with the herd mentality, usually we end up doing dumb and stupid things to ourselves.

While animals are meant to evolve as a group consciousness, the human's journey is about being self-realised persons, and then enlightened persons.

Unfortunately, we are far from being self-realised as a species. And truly self-realised or enlightened persons are a minority and we have...

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Want true peace and happiness? Move from a fixed to a growth mindset

It's been said that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. As my dog gets older, he's behaving like an archetypal middle-aged man, grumpy and stubborn. People say that about people too that as we get older, we become fixed in our ways, but is this really true?

I would like to think that as people, we are better than that. 

Have you read the book Mindset? The book explains that there are two kinds of mindsets - the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. However, the fixed mindset can be...

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How Adaptable Are You?

I meet lots of people in the personal development circle on a regular basis, and most have the idea that to grow, they need to have the knowledge, they need to learn, and so they go for workshops after workshops only to realise that after spending lots of money being a workshop junkie, they are still the same. 

What is missing?

If you are a person who believes in personal development, and you want to grow as a person emotionally, mentally and spiritually, one of the most important...

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