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When We Have Feelings Of Being Undeserving

How often have we come across someone — our friends, family who feel undeserving of the job they want, or the relationship they want, or they feel they are not good enough for the other person, or they feel that the life is too good for them?

Or worse, how often have you experienced this yourself? Where you push opportunities such as people, job opportunities, business opportunities away. Thinking you’re not good enough?

Even though mentally you want them, but your...

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Why We Can't Stop Having Problems

Are you tired of having problems, over and over again?

Its as if they never end. When you solve one, another one surfaces. And you start to wonder if you will ever get a break.

The thing is if we stop having problems, life ends. I know this is not what you want to hear.

We all want a life where it is trouble-free and that everything is smooth sailing. But we are never going to get that, as long as we are an evolving species.

Isn't it frustrating?

Well, life is literally like a...

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