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When We Have Feelings Of Being Undeserving

How often have we come across someone — our friends, family who feel undeserving of the job they want, or the relationship they want, or they feel they are not good enough for the other person, or they feel that the life is too good for them?

Or worse, how often have you experienced this yourself? Where you push opportunities such as people, job opportunities, business opportunities away. Thinking you’re not good enough?

Even though mentally you want them, but your feelings inside you say otherwise. Those feelings push away all the good you want. What can you do to beat these feelings? Especially when your goals are going one direction but your emotions are running towards the opposite direction.

Here’s a simple strategy:

  1. On a daily basis, look at your goals (which you would have written out), recite them out if it helps
  2. And focus on your breathing as you read or recite your goals
  3. Whatever feelings surface such as fear, disbelief, underserving, simply observe but refocus on gratitude
  4. Feel grateful that you even have the goals written out in front of you. Feel grateful that you have the intelligence and talent to set these goals. Feel grateful that you have the resources to achieve these goals
  5. Focus on feelings of faith and belief in yourself

Repeat daily.

The feelings may be hard to cultivate at first. But as you practice them, they will get easier. All too often we take feelings and emotions for granted, thinking that we can easily feel them. It may not be so easy if our default feelings and emotions are negative ones!

When you start to truly believe you will be amazed at what you start to attract into your life.

© 2019 Shamala Tan

Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur and healer.  Her work focuses on transforming the lives of others on the spiritual, emotional, mental and earthly level.

One of her success stories as an author is to being featured alongside New York’s bestsellers Sonia Choquette, Robert Allen, Arielle Ford, Marci Shimoff as well as Christine Kloser in the book Pebbles In The Pond.

Shamala’s clients include small business owners, holistic practitioners as well as those seeking to find more significant meaning and value in life. Shamala offers laser coaching to her clients on a one-to-one basis or in a group environment, offline as well as online.


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