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When Fear Is Our Comfort Zone

Remember some months back when I did a series of articles on the lower ego? If you missed out on them, below are links for you to get to them, but first I like you to finish reading this one. 

Right now, many people are facing fears on the personal level, community level, country-level as well as on the global level. These fears remind us of how not in control we really are in the grand scheme of things. Yet, it is within this same mind space that we keep feeding the fears. Our neurosis* got the better of us. The lower ego is certainly at play on this one. 

The energy theme for the month of February and the lessons we each will face individually and collectively are primarily focused on our emotional and mental bodies. There will be ups and downs, roller-coaster rides, and general upheaval of systems, and structures. 

The aim of this energy is to get us into mind/energy space where we become much more aware of how much we have been conditioned to what we think is right, or should be. The thing is, we humans have a tendency to cling on to what the majority dictates, and anything that we do that is out of the norm is called into questioning. But only the courageous will take up the 'fight' to fight for the life that they are meant to live, and away from the conditioned matrix imposed by society. Many will not accept that they have been heavily conditioned. 

Instead of moving out of fear, we have made fear, our comfort zone. In Singapore right now, there is generally a lot of fear with regards to the Corona Virus, as more and more people become infected and as news reports update the number of people infected, people start to behave irrationally by hoarding food items and essentials, fearing that the city will shut down. The supermarkets were emptied out quite quickly a few days ago. 

The unknown makes people do things that they feel would give them back control. But the question is, do we really have any control? 

In the past few weeks, working with my clients, there was a build-up towards the theme of the month, almost everyone had major decisions to make, and some were tempted to retreat into what is acceptable by the society, and some just wanted the new challenges to go away by disowning them, others were just deeply challenged emotionally and mentally.

My focus for these clients was primarily to bring them to a mental space where they understand that they may not be able to control what happens around them, or to them, but they have control over how they respond. They have control over how they can listen to their body's responses, they have control over taking action based on what their gut feeling or what their intuition is telling them. It is a far less daunting task than trying to control things or people that are outside of ourselves. 

When fear is our comfort zone, it pulls us into that space like a black hole, we feel safer in the fear, and we go into a state of paralysis without realising it and we think that all is well. But all the time, all we are doing is feeding the lower ego in the energy of fear. 

No one wins if we seek the comfort of fear, and most of all, the world and our community will lose our unique voice of authenticity, contribution and brilliance. 

*excessive and irrational anxiety or obsession.

(Here's the link to the first in the series about the lower ego, and I also wrote one on How the Lower Ego Exploits Fear To Its Advantage)

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Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur and healer.  Her work focuses on transforming the lives of others on the spiritual, emotional, mental and earthly level.

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