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Awake in a World of Sleepwalkers: Why Comfort Can Be Our Downfall

These days, some people think value is in the brand of their shoes. It might sound silly, but it's a big clue. Many are drifting into a self-focused bubble. They're surrounded by their own comforts: swanky homes, swish cars, and the latest tech. But, what about the broader world? It's as if many have put on blinders.

The Comfort Trap

Money brings ease. There's no denying it. A full wallet means delightful meals, the trendiest outfits, and holidays in sunny spots. But is this the end goal? Comfort feels great, but it can also be a silky trap. It's a cocoon that makes us forget about real-world issues.

Carl Jung had a point. He remarked, "People will do anything to avoid facing their own souls." What if our comforts are just a screen? A way to avoid looking deeper?

Thinking For Ourselves

The world is vast. But, many are comfortable in their small corner. Why? It's cosy and known. They follow the crowd, not wanting to rock the boat. But there's danger in just going with the flow. We need thinkers, questioners, and brave souls. If we all follow without question, we risk being led astray.

The "Me First" Problem

Our world loves the idea of "me first." But there's a downside. When everyone pushes forward, it becomes a race. The goal? Get the most for oneself. But life isn't just about collecting things. There's joy in sharing, in giving, and in being part of a community.

Being self-centred can be limiting. Yes, we should love and care for ourselves. But, remember: the world isn't just about one person. It's about all of us, together.

Beyond Our Small Worlds

There's a fix for being trapped in a bubble. Coaching and therapy open doors. They shed light on hidden paths. As Carl Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life." Translation? To grow, we need to face our fears and learn about ourselves.

We can discover more by looking beyond. By asking questions. By seeking wisdom. And by realizing the world offers lessons at every turn.

Living with Balance

Finding balance in today's world can feel like trying to stand still on a seesaw. The two ends? Desires and responsibilities. But some people seem to have cracked the code. They're the ones who enjoy the world's gifts without being ensnared by its glitter. How do they do it?

First, they value experiences over things. It's not about how many shiny toys you own, but the memories you create. These individuals would choose a heartwarming conversation over the latest smartphone. They know that gadgets get outdated, but genuine experiences? Those stay fresh, etched in the heart.

Secondly, they prioritize people over possessions. It's easy to get lost in the race for the next big thing. But these balanced individuals remember that things don’t hug back. They invest time in relationships. They cherish moments spent with loved ones. They understand that life's true richness comes not from what's in the bank but from those around the dinner table.

Furthermore, they practice gratitude. Instead of focusing on what they don't have, they celebrate what they do. This shift in perspective brings contentment. It's not about denying oneself luxury but appreciating the simple luxuries of life. The warmth of the sun. The joy of a good book. The laughter of friends.

Lastly, they set boundaries. In a world that's always on, they know when to switch off. They understand the importance of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. By setting limits, they ensure they don't get swamped by the world's demands.

In essence, balance isn't about giving up desires but understanding them. It's about savouring life's joys without being blinded or consumed by them. It's about knowing oneself deeply and choosing a path that brings true fulfilment.

Time to Reflect

Pause for a moment. Think about the kind of life you're crafting. Is it just about personal gains? Or does it also factor in the wider world? It's never too late to tweak the path you're on. Speak to someone. Seek wisdom. Grow. And remember, in a world obsessed with 'me,' there's immense power in 'we.'


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Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur, and healer. She strives to transform the lives of others on spiritual, emotional, mental, and earthly levels. Shamala's clients include small business owners, holistic practitioners, and individuals seeking greater meaning and value in life. She offers personalized laser coaching to clients in both individual and group settings, both online and offline.



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