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When Deceit, Betrayal & Lack of Ethics are Normalised

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2021

I feel, for the most part, all of us strive to be good people. I do not believe that anyone would purposely set out to be a bad person. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm naive to believe this.

But I do believe that when situations and circumstances are set up in such a way that pressurises someone, and if their moral compass doesn't work very well, then there is a high chance that they will cave. 

They cave in by giving themselves excuses that what they do is right, and they have legit reasons to be deceitful and betray the trust of people around them, or even their loved ones. 

We see this caving in on a grand level on the planet right now. The giants in the various industries from pharma, to tech, to food, to governance have somehow dropped their moral compasses, and they really need to consider getting a new one. 

When these giants make it okay to be deceitful and betray the trust of the public, as well as make unethical behaviours look like a walk in the park, what they are doing is making it ok for weak-minded people (who have also lost their moral compass), to do the same. 

These weak-minded lacking in morality ones then teach their children to do the same. 

This is where WE ALL should worry and have grave concerns. I feel heartbroken about this, as I watch this happening. 

We already have a whole generation of people cancelling each other out, just because they do not like each other. Social media while is a powerful tool, can become a dark hole filled with rotting morals. 

When parents behave in deceitful and unethical ways, it is giving permission to their offspring to do the same.  

Where are the checks and balances? Are we so far removed from what is intrinsically gifted to us as humans: a conscience, that we no longer see right from wrong?

Is it ok, to do whatever it takes to get what you want? Of course not. Whatever it takes does not include cheating, betraying, lying. 

It takes more than balls to do the right thing. The questions we have to ask ourselves, to keep ourselves in check, almost daily now, at the rate things are going on the planet: 

  • Where does my moral compass point to? 
  • Is this going to hurt (not just physically, but emotionally and mentally) or cause harm to someone? 
  • Does the pain I am going to inflict on someone justify the results? (If you have to hurt someone to get out of a situation that may cause you harm, then, do what you need to)
  • Can trust ever be rebuilt, if I betray it?
  • If I have to hide my actions, is it deceit? 

We, as a collective need to up our Good Conscience quotient. Let's not normalise bad morals and make it ok. If we do, we will be going down a dark path that will cause massive destruction for our children and our children's future. 

Do not underestimate the rippling effect of just one immoral act. And feeling helpless and apathetic by giving in, is downright underestimating the Force For Good. 

Make your choice well. 

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