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What is happening when you think you do not have a choice?

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2021

Whenever we hit a roadblock and think that we do not have a choice, about anything in life, what is actually happening? 

It is life telling us that we have not looked at all the resources available to us. What are resources? They are our:

  • knowledge
  • abilities
  • talents
  • could also be something more tangible like physical items 
  • other people's resource (this means we have to be open to what other people have to offer in guidance, advice, service, product etc)

So why do we feel we do not have a choice? Several reasons:

  • We are blinded by fear, anxiety, etc that creates a mental block that causes us not to see them
  • We are afraid to see them because that might mean opening up something which we have been avoiding, or we don't want to know (even though it is important for us to know)
  • We do not want the inconvenience of change, even though we know change is inevitable but we are just trying our luck to delay the inevitable much to our own detriment 
  • and many others....

It may seem obvious now, but whenever we find ourselves in a "no choice" situation, the emotional side of us can override any logic, as the energies from our fear can paint a different scenario in our minds for us. It is not based on logic, simply strong, powerful emotions that drive us to make certain life decisions that keep us contained in the box. 

Yes, it is so tempting to stay within the box, but do you want to live in the box for the rest of your life? If you allow yourself to stay in the box once, it becomes so easy to keep doing it. It is no better than being in the box 6-feet under. 

I always ask myself this question: on my deathbed, what is my biggest contribution to the world? This question alone pushes me to move beyond what I feel was a no-choice situation into a multiple choices scenario. This works for me, every single time. 

Do you want to give it a go?


©2021 Shamala Tan

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