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The Magic of Being Real: A Personal Journey Through Life's Lessons

Do you remember a time when you were afraid to speak your mind? Or those moments when you felt the need to act in a way just to fit in? I've had those moments too, many times. But with time and experience, I learned some powerful life lessons. 

The True Magic of Honesty

Growing up, I often thought that if I shared my true feelings or if I was too open, people would judge me or even avoid me. But through time and experience, I discovered the true magic of honesty.

When I started speaking the truth, not only did I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders, but I also realized something wonderful. My true friends, the ones who really mattered, appreciated my honesty. They stood by me. And those who didn't? Well, maybe they weren't my true friends after all.

The Joy of Expressing Feelings

How often have you felt an emotion so deep but kept it locked away? I've been there. I used to hide my feelings whether it was joy, sadness, anger, or love. I realized that feeling my feelings and accepting those feelings instead of avoiding them or stuffing them down, made me feel free.

By owning my heart, I connected deeper with myself and this includes my intuitive self and my higher self. So, if you feel something, own it. Talk, write, sing, or even paint. Let your feelings flow!

Setting Boundaries: My Personal Shield

Imagine having an invisible shield around you. A shield that keeps away things that hurt you. That's what boundaries are. I learned that setting boundaries was not about pushing people away. It was about protecting my heart and soul.

When I decided what was okay and what wasn’t for me, the right people respected it. They respected me. And those who didn't? Well, maybe they didn't belong in my life.

The Beauty of Being Authentic

As a child and in my early teens I spent a lot of time trying to fit in. Trying to wear masks just to be accepted. I remember the exact moment when I was 15, and faced with some challenges with friends I decided to be true and honest and said what came to my mind. It felt very liberating. As if I was let out of a cage and I could finally speak my mind.

Cherishing My Worth

Life isn't always easy. People come and go. Some stay for a season, and some stay forever. But one of the hardest things is when someone walks away, especially when you're just being you.

But in those moments, I learned to hold my head high. I remembered my worth. I am unique. And if someone decides to leave because I stand up for myself, then maybe their part in my story is over. And that's okay.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

Every day is a chance to learn more about ourselves. I took up hobbies, read books, and even travelled. Each experience added a new chapter to my story. I discovered passions I never knew I had. I met people who changed my life. Every step, every moment, is a part of the beautiful journey of self-discovery.

Building Bridges with Kindness

One thing I always carry with me is kindness. A smile, a thank you, or a simple gesture can build bridges. It's amazing how much love and joy you can spread by just being kind. It has brought so many beautiful souls into my life.

Life is a beautiful, twisting journey. Each day brings its lessons. But among all the lessons I've learned, the biggest is to be true to myself. To love myself. And to cherish the beautiful souls that make my life brighter.

Thank you for walking a little bit of this journey with me today. Always remember your magic lies in being real. Shine bright, and always be unapologetically you.

With all my heart,

© Shamala Tan 2023

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the work that I do via email [email protected]

Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur, and healer. She strives to transform the lives of others on spiritual, emotional, mental, and earthly levels. Shamala's clients include small business owners, holistic practitioners, and individuals seeking greater meaning and value in life. She offers personalized laser coaching to clients in both individual and group settings, both online and offline.


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