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Were you hit as a child and do you know the implications?

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2020

We have all heard of spiritual bypassing - where one uses one's spiritual path or journey to run away from life's real problems, and spiritualising everything by suppressing, denying issues that are needed to be addressed for self-healing.

There is also the more common phenomena, which I call, EMOTIONAL BYPASSING. This happens with people who have no wish to acknowledge any of their emotional pain, baggage, issues, drama etc. (and this not only pertains to spiritual people, but also to ordinary people too)

We have all gotten in the habit of denying how we feel, that we stuff everything in so deeply, and literally right to the bottom of our stomachs, that if we were to fish them out, they would have a vile and bile taste to them.

Why do we not want to feel?

It's scary, it’s painful and it evokes a feeling of helplessness, to be in that space where the emotions take so much control over us.

We didn't learn this from anyone, not our parents, not in school, on how to deal with all of these energies! As you know E-motions, means energy in motion. And if we do not allow the emotions to move through, we literally become frozen.

Being frozen means, we can't feel, not even love, joy and peace. These emotions seem so far and foreign to us that we do not even recognise them when they are given to us on a gold diamond-studded platter.

When we are frozen inside, we can't receive anything -- not love, passion, joy, abundance. And we do anything in our power unconsciously to sabotage our life opportunities again and again and again, simply because we do not recognize these energies. We have no resonance to love, because all we know is our baggage.

We do not know what love is, our idea of love is what we know from Disney. I posted something funny on my personal FB recently, a photo of the prince kissing snow white and the caption says: Finds a random corpse in the woods - kisses it. LOL.

This is how screwy our idea of romance and relationship is. We expect to find someone to rescue us from our pain and sorrows from our childhood and early life. We expect someone to fill that emptiness. And when we do not receive these, which we can NEVER, from someone else, we resent the other person, we think the other person doesn’t care or love. This is why an unhealed person will be toxic to every person who tries to love him/her.

And then there are those who freely allow their emotions to flow -- to the point of abusing people around them. They have no control over the energies, and they physically abuse their children, their spouse.

I've always made a stand that beating children to discipline them doesn't do what we think it does. It only shows how weak a person you are. You have absolutely no control over your emotions and your energies, and this is why you need to expend the energies by hitting.

In Asian culture, people always support beating their children to discipline them, as if it is the only way. It is not the only way. And some people have said to me: well, my parents did that to me and I turned out ok. Gosh the BLINDSPOT in this one is big. You didn't turn out ok, you have not learned to control your emotions and you probably suffer from anxiety in one form or another and this is why you are beating your own children, as an excuse to discipline them! (Some resort to animal abuse)

The lack of control over one's emotions makes one craves for attention from others when they are expressing their emotions. They need an audience, so they would do this publicly, and raising their voices at whoever they are displeased with, just like a child, throwing a temper tantrum in public. This is how we get all these viral dramas on social media.

So with all of these energies running amock, there is still no positive outcome because the skills needed to harness the energies of one's emotions is still not acquired.

We have taken our emotions for granted. Most people do not understand the power that it holds.

When we know how to harness the energies of our emotions, it can propel us forward in our life's work, in our quest for more love, peace, joy, compassion, tranquillity. Our positive emotions generate energies of health in our body, mind and spirit. And it has a multiplication effect if we know how to receive, control and work with it.

Do you know how your emotions are working in you? Do you understand? Are you bypassing this tremendous force that can change your life for the better?

If you don't know how to tame the energies of anger, frustration and bitterness, you can never experience peace, tranquillity and joy.

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