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The Unhealed Child Mindset and what is it doing in the world these days....

Uncategorized May 17, 2021

It is so easy to fall into mass consciousness thinking and to go with the easy because it is automatic and doesn't require us to think or make a decision. There are good sides and not so good sides to this.

In order to grow as individuals, it is part of the process for us to know when to move out of mass thinking, come to our own conclusions and make our decisions from there. This is definitely the case when it comes to making our life's decisions. 

If you wish to develop a positive mindset, the key thing to do is to make a conscious effort not to indulge in negative chatter, or spread negativity via social media. 

During this pandemic era, there are also individuals who wish to go against the grain of the mass. They may feel strongly about certain measures to be taken or not during the pandemic, and they may display anti-social behaviour and are not civic-minded, but it is truly their prerogative. However, as with any life decisions we make, we must know that we are never free from consequences no matter what our reasons are. 

Just like if you're a guest in a friend's house, and if you behave in a manner that is disrespectful or rude to your friend, be prepared to be thrown out. Do not expect others to accommodate you because you want to make a stand for something. You have a right to follow whatever beliefs or take whatever actions you want, but not in your friend's house. Because your friend also has a right to protect his/her own household. It is really quite simple. And only an adult mindset knows this.

In social situations, while most people behave in a manner that follows the masses, as a show of friendliness, and for social interactions, the decisions like where to go and what to eat usually comes up and it is a decision that is usually with the majority vote. And if we decide to go against that, we may be labelled difficult and non-accommodating. So what do we do in this sort of situation?

We then make the decision: join everyone and go with the majority, or go out alone. 

Whichever decision we choose to make in life, we have to remind ourselves that we are not children.

Going into a negative mindset and thinking that others do not care about us, or feeling victimised by the situation, or worse, feeling abandoned, only feeds one thing: the unhealed child mindset. The unhealed child can also manifest as being vindictive and vengeful and wishing ill on others.

If you have experienced what I have described above, then perhaps it is time to take stock of where you are in terms of your mindset growth. There is a very high chance that one of the biggest stumbling blocks in your growth to anything (money, work/career, relationships) in life right now is your unhealed child consciousness. 

The unhealed child more than ever is showing up in all facets of society, and this is happening on a global scale. People are basically children in adult bodies, how's that for a reality check to see how evolved we are as a species?

This is not just happening on a mass level but also within spiritual arenas and spiritual communities. 

I bring this to our attention so that we know what we as individuals need to do to grow and learn, and what we as a collective can do about it. In new-agey term, people are looking at the evolution of the new earth, but how can that happen if people are still run by their unhealed child minds?

Our first step to any growth, spiritual or psychological is to look at this unhealed child within. It has nothing to do with our parents/caregivers but everything to do with our inner psyche and our perception of ourselves and the world.

The question for you to ponder is: do I have an accurate perception of myself? 


©2021 Shamala Tan

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