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The Panic-demic shows where we are as a species

covid-19 mindfulness panic Mar 15, 2020

It has happened.

It is now a pandemic. I will be sharing some tips further down this article on how to keep ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually at an even keel during these challenging times.

And if we focus on the facts, we know that the mortality rate of Covid-19 as of 3 March, as estimated by WHO is 3.4%. By comparison, the common flu “has infected as many as 45 million Americans since October and killed as many as 46,000 according to estimates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention” (extracted from pharmacist and wellness advocate Lindsey Elmore’s article as posted on social media)

As the disease spreads rapidly throughout the world, people are panicking. Social media when used negatively is helping to spread the panic-demic at a much faster rate than Covid-19.

We all need to take a good look at the facts and figures and understand that precautionary measures are precautionary measures, they are not there to push our panic buttons. It does not mean that we are all going to drop dead, the precautionary measures are there to prevent the rapid spreading, it does not mean the apocalypse. Somehow people don’t seem to get that. And toilet paper has not been known to be a cure, and there are certainly other more important essential needs in life.

(The new real-life movie where toilet paper becomes a precious item is more a comedy than a movie from the apocalyptic genre)

Someone asked me yesterday on social media, what is the spiritual meaning behind this pandemic, my reply:

It is a destruction of old outdated systems, to make way for new creations. This begins from the most important area, and that is: our mindset and core beliefs. The stay home orders and the self quarantines, perhaps are what humanity really needs? Cut down all the outer chatters, and truly take time to know self, start listening to ourselves and what are we saying to ourselves. This may inevitably drive some people crazy, being confined at home, but what could be more nourishing than some meditation/prayer time alone or with family.

Beyond the self, we see how businesses, systems, wellness care, health care, technologies, and even the political arena and etc are being forced to dig deeper. There is definitely a need to do things differently. What worked in the past, will not work now and in the future, and this is a call for new creations, new systems to be put in place.

Perhaps we might even see a dip in carbon emissions due to curtailed travelling, but with everyone confined at home, maybe that would completely offset it. We will not know for sure. Our entire lifestyles are changing.

Going inward, re-assessing our life goals, our direction and looking at our past mistakes, and what corrective measures we can take, will only serve us further beyond this pandemic.

The panic buying and general fear expressed and displayed by people are showing us where we are in terms of our evolution. We are far from evolved. No other species on this planet would go into hoard mode in times of crisis (hoarding only happens during the natural cycles of the season). Most species would go into energy conservation and saving mode to help tide over the crisis. Some real lessons to learn from nature.

What can we do to keep an even keel:

  • Start your day with a gratitude log - what are you grateful for? Follow this with a meditation or prayer for all the things you are grateful for.
  • Drinking plenty of water, more than you usually helps to keep your emotions in check. When in fear, drink water, when panicking, drink water. Water also helps to flush out toxins (and emotional toxins) out of our system.
  • Breathing exercises, go HERE for the link.
  • Keep life as normal as possible, do what you would normally do with precaution measures in place.
  • Do not look at what others are doing, which means, don’t buy into their panic mode of behaviour. Just because the majority of people are doing something doesn’t make it right. Look at facts and figures.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by news media, stay away from it. If there is important information you need to know, someone will definitely tell you!
  • Be a positive or humorous voice on social media, stop spreading negativity through stories of doom and gloom or finger-pointing. It is not helping anyone.
  • Be responsible, if you have a stay home order, stay at home! This is the rest and retreat you have been asking for.

We will be alright, stay safe everyone, and speak again next week :)

©2020 Shamala Tan

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Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur and healer. Her work focuses on transforming the lives of others on the spiritual, emotional, mental and earthly level.

One of her success stories as an author is to being featured alongside New York’s bestsellers Sonia Choquette, Robert Allen, Arielle Ford, Marci Shimoff as well as Christine Kloser in the book Pebbles In The Pond.

Shamala’s clients include small business owners, holistic practitioners as well as those seeking to find more significant meaning and value in life. Shamala offers laser coaching to her clients on a one-to-one basis or in a group environment, offline as well as online.


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