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The Delusions In Spiritual Movements Are Unsettling And Here Are Some Red Flags

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2022

I've spoken about this a lot, and I've written about this as well. And it is time for me to flag them up again. 

The delusions in the New Age movement are coming up to the surface, more and more. While the shadow side of human nature is showcased on the world stage, the SHADOW SIDE of the new age/spirituality movement is not excused. In fact, the rampant delusion and illusionary nature of spirituality is filled with so much glamour that people are just falling into the traps without realising they have been entrapped. 

The problem with the new age/spiritual age movement is that there are far too many delusional, psychologically unhinged people, that for me to speak the truth about the situation, I will not only trigger those deeply entrenched in the delusion but I will be called out for being the one who is unhinged. So there isn't a win in this situation for me, except to fulfil my duty as a spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, truth-seeker. I am not saying that I am above all, I am simply saying I am willing to see things for how they are, even in myself and I have spent years working through, and still working through issues in a real way (not just energy clearing of this stuff but deep psychological work). 

So I caution you to read with discernment.

Warning: if you have NEVER done psychological work with a trained professional, NEVER seen a therapist for psychological work, NEVER addressed your own shadow, do not reply to me to tell me that I am negative or whatever it is that you feel tempted to say to wrong me. Your limited psychology will not permit you to see the truth, and if you feel a need to go on social media to badmouth me, know that you are simply showcasing what I am about to say here as truth. I will leave it as that. 

So in this article, I will share with those who are willing to be open to learning and growing and use this information for their own benefit as they journey further along the path

I will list the RED FLAGS we see in a new age, spiritual movements, and even mainstream religions. This is not targeted at specific person/s, organisation/s, or religion/s. I am simply raising the flags.

Now bear in mind also that having a red flag raised doesn't mean that the person or organisation is evil. It simply means that they have some ways to go psychologically and they have not integrated the full essence of what they hope to represent. And if you were to get involved with these people or organisations, you have to be very discerning. Too many people are naive in this sense, that they take everything 100% as the ultimate truth even from psychopaths and sociopaths who are spiritual preachers, healers, priests and monks etc  The world is not black and white. There is an abundance of grey areas, and as a human race, we do have a lot of room for improvement. 

  • When negative discrimination is practised in organizations. This means leaving some people out because of their skin colour, their country of origin,  their language spoken, vaccination status (not based on science but they conform and make excuses for fear of governments, this means these organizations can be easily bought) etc. Red flag: not practising what they are preaching and they do not BELIEVE what they claim. 
  • Saviour complex. Claiming to be some almighty being from another dimension, a walk-in, an incarnation of who and what, and so and so. Red flag: usually have not worked through their shadow energies, not done any psychological work. If at all a person is the real deal, the person doesn't need to go around telling people who they think they are, they just do the work. I had a sad experience of helping someone out of this delusion when she became my client. She thought she was an incarnation of an angel. It was very delicate to handle, as she was fragile in her psychology, but after working through some time, she realised that what she thought was the truth, were lies she told herself for many years. There was a lot of deep grieving to be done, and we journeyed together until she came into full acceptance of her real self. She has since passed on, and I am glad to have helped lead her to that place where she was clearer mentally before she transitioned. 
  • Red flag: When people think they are ascended masters, or have spiritually ascended, and go around telling others that they are spiritually more advanced and humble brag. A master is a master because they have no need to make such proclamations. 
  • Red flag: Proclaiming that only their belief/religion/practice is the right one, and being quietly arrogant that they are on the high road.  I am aware that this triggers many people because so many people think their religion is the right one and it is the only one that can save humanity, while others are on the wrong path. The question I ask is why is there a need to wrong others to make yourself feel right? If yours is the right one, then so be it, all the best and carry on. There is no need to quietly feel or say that others are not on the right path. The recommendation I have for you is this: study deeper into the psychology and history of your own religion and come to a better conclusion. 
  • Red flag: Saying that working on the shadow side of self is bad because this is only feeding our negativity. Usually said by people who have not done shadow work, they don't know what it means, and what it entails. It is through shadow work that we come to embrace our light and have greater access to our humanity and our divinity. If you have never done this work and feel you don't need to, reply to this email, you probably need a coach or guide, because your shadow side has already convinced you otherwise. 
  • Red flag: Spiritual teachers saying the world is too overly populated and we need to do something to depopulate.  My question is: do these spiritual teachers know where souls come from? Something is amiss when the spiritual teacher is not able to see the bigger picture and have a sense of what is actually going on in the world. 
  • Red flag: Enforcing channelled information as truth. This is one of the BIGGEST BOOBOO in the new age. Every new age person seems to think that when something is channelled it is true. So what if it is channelled? The person could be channelling from their psychopathic or sociopathic self, and you want to give up your power to that? Using words like love, light, and beloved doesn't make it more spiritual than using words like sh*t, f**k and d*mn it. After all, it is the negative seducer who uses all the right words but with selfish intentions that gets people hooked into cults. 
  • Red flag: thinking things such as amulets, cards, gemstones, statues etc have power over you. These tools have no power in themselves, only the power you give them. So if you think a gemstone is negative, you give it the negative power over you. If you think a gemstone has qualities that align with you and supports you, then you give it the power to work with you.  
  • Red flag: thinking meditation allows spirits to enter one's body. Ok, this is a very funny one to me. I always laugh at this visual when certain religious preachers say this. To me, it is obvious that they do not know what meditation is and they themselves have probably done it multiple times without knowing they were actually meditating. 
  • Red flag: Preachers, spiritual teachers, etc who do not practice what they preach. We all teach what we want to practice, and this is across all of life, and this is how we learn, if not it is simply a piece of intellectual information, not wisdom integrated. I know of a mindfulness coach who is exceptionally absent-minded. I rest my case. 

There are more red flags which I will continue to add on, and I will do it via my social channels. If you want to give me a follow see below for the links. 

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