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Our struggle with Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity

Uncategorized May 03, 2021

In my meditation several weeks ago, I experienced huge powerful mother energy above the Godhead, giving me the impression that the feminine or mother energies are all-pervading. That the Godhead energy is birthed by the feminine. 

To analyse this experience from a psychological perspective, and making it relatable to our every day, it is indeed true that the feminine is the holding energy for everything in which we wish to birth, manifest and create. We, whether men or women, must come into full acceptance of our feminine energies in order to make things happen. 

Without the holding space, nothing can come into being, and ideas and structures will crumble. You could say that the feminine is the glue and anchor that holds everything together in order for the masculine to build. 

This is life, however, in our history, there is so much of the denial of the feminine. Just looking at how oppression brings up the toxicity of both the masculine and feminine. When we need to choose one or the other, or when we label one stronger or weaker, or when we disown either one for fear of it, we create toxicity within our own psychology. Because we can't oppress, deny or shut out what is natural for each of us. 

The world we live in and the struggles that each of us may have, whether we are conscious or not of them, is a struggle between owning the higher expressions of the masculine and feminine, as well as the acknowledgement and healing of the toxic (lower expressions) of the masculine and the feminine. 

Perhaps the healing process has to begin from our own thinking and our own languaging. Some things to explore:

  • Do you feel you need someone to complete you?
  • Do you struggle with manifesting? 
  • Do you struggle with feelings that you tend to numb instead?
  • Do you overthink, that it gives you anxiety?
  • Do you struggle with choosing if you should go with your thoughts or your feelings?

These questions help to bring more awareness of where you may be off-balanced and which aspect of your consciousness you may be participating in the toxicity unknowingly. 

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