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Self Honesty and the role it plays in our physical health

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2021

Most people do not see the connection between our self-honesty and the role it plays in our physical well being. 

If I have to make a guess, I presume most people know by now that our physical health is not just a physical thing. Besides what we already know -- good diet, exercise, etc, our mental and emotional and spiritual well being hold fundamental keys to our physical health. 

One of the biggest blocks for most people towards better well being is the lack of self-honesty. Now, I'm not saying that people are lying to themselves or others. It is more like an inability or fear of looking deeper into one's own thoughts, emotions and agendas.

Often times too, we do, say, think things to protect our previous decisions, or even worse we protect our mistakes by making more mistakes. 

How compassionate are we really towards ourselves? Compassion can only take place when we have self-honesty. 

Fear of our feelings and our mistakes make us contract, we try to hide these feelings and thoughts, and so we brush them aside and we contract our energies to prevent them from showing up. We feed ourselves bullshit to protect the status quo, we look for evidence in the world to protect our decisions, and we keep looking outwards. 

For self-honesty to truly happen, we need to ask ourselves some hard questions and then be brave enough to answer them. 

These questions include:

  • How happy am I, really? In this situation, relationship, etc? 
  • What and where still hurts when I think about it? 
  • What kinds of regrets do I have that when I think about them, they make my heart squeeze tight?
  • Are my shoulders and neck flexible? What kinds of stresses are stored there?

We don't know what we don't know until we face the reality of ourselves. 

When we are brave, to be honest with ourselves, we start to have greater compassion towards ourselves.

Compassion is such a vital force of energy that will start to free the emotions and energies trapped in our bodies that have contributed to our chronic pains, illness, and so on. And we will start to feel differently not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. 

Are you willing to start with some self-honesty today?

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