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Importance Of Tuning Into Right Timing

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2021

One of the biggest causes of burnout for most people is trying to push things to happen because they feel or they think they need to. Because the world that we live in teaches us that we have control over when things should happen and that we can make things happen at a whim.

But the truth is, nothing happens in our timing, just because we say so. 

Right timing and learning to tune into our inner clocks for things to happen is such a vital life skill that most people have not learned how to do. 

When we become frustrated, sad, bitter, angry, and so on, all of these are due to how we want things to happen in a certain way at a certain time, and not tuning in to the right timing.

Right timing in business, decisions (personal or work), relationships, work, relocating and so on plays a big role in how we can move into the greater flow of life. When we force things to happen, thinking that we have control over it, we usually fall flat in our faces. When we start things too soon, or too late, or end things too soon or too late, they cause us a great amount of grief later, with so many fires to put out, and so much mess to clean up.

Learning to tune into the right timing comes with practice. It is not going to happen overnight, especially if you are so used to listening to everything and anything that passes through your mind. Remember this, not everything you think is based on truth! 

If you want to learn to tune into the right timing to make decisions in your life, first learn to ground your energies. 

What is grounding?

It is making a connection with the energies of the earth, and this helps to cultivate a sense of connection with the cycles of nature. Animals understand the right timing instinctively, but we humans have completely lost that connection. 

Here are the first few easy steps to grounding:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Keep your spine straight
  • Close your eyes (optional)
  • Place one hand on your belly and feel your belly expand as you breathe in
  • Feel your connection with the earth on your feet (this works whether you're on the ground floor or on a high rise)
  • And you may start to feel tingling sensations on your feet and along your spine. (For some people this may be immediate, for others, this takes a few practices)

Start by learning how to ground, and this is the most important and vital step to tuning into the right timing.  If you want to take this learning further, book a free 15 min session with me, and let's see which strategy we can use to assist you in your journey forward. CLICK HERE to book. 


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